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I´ve played a lot of games that can be considered underrated, but i think the one that deserves mention from my part is NIER. The story, characters, world and quest are on my top, is a game that  leaves you thinking, that finds a place in your memory, and yet it was received with mixed reviews, and hate for the dated graphics and kinda repetitive combat. However i gave it an opportunity years later of it release and was amazing. Is my opinion though. 

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I think you're mixing up underrated with underappreciated... Massive difference!

Playing though DMC courtesy of PS+. This is the best hack n slash game since Ninja Gaiden. Nothing this gen comes remotely close to it. it got good reviews, but the damage was done with the unjust hate. Should have sold a lot more.

JoeTheBro said:
LOL SOTC is far from underrated. Has a 91 meta.

Replace it with Knack.

Underrated as in sales. The most Underrated games in gaming are mostly the ones that didnt gain as much acclaim and profit reception from people but were gems in their own right. SOTC was underrated, but in the 7th gen got more playtime through digital media than it did with physical copies. Sony was very proud of their baby. That was Sony Japan at its height.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic
Dante's Inferno
Dragan's Dogma

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12 eh? In a random order:

- Yoshi's Island (SNES)
- Zelda: Link's Awakening (GB)
- MediEvil (PS)
- Kula World (PS)
- Dynamite Cop (DC)
- Crazy Taxi (DC)
- No One Lives Forever (PC)
- Step-On-It! (Mac)
- Blast Corps (N64)
- Asterix (PS)
- Theme Hospital (PC)
- Anno 1602 (PC)