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Okami and vanquish have have critical response. But these are less known by gamers. So I choose okami and vanquish as most underrated games.

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Isn't Okami the worst-selling GOTY winner of all time? I'd go with that.

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Decent list

But i'll say a few games from generation 7 that i though to be underated

Sleeping Dogs
Yakuza series
The Sabouteur
Far Cry 2
Enslaved: Odyssey to the west

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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct was one I played lately on Wii U that falls into this category.

I disagree with some of your choices (FFIX,Xenoblade,SOTC) and still would consider some other games to replace a few on your list.

Lost Odyssey
Radiant Historia
Enslaved Odyssey to The West
Army of Two (series as a whole)

Those are just from the 7th Generation too, you could go back another generation and find more games like Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion that could state their claim on your list as well.

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It's like you read my mind on no. 1, I loved Super Paper Mario, even more than the other games.

Something within an industry doesn't need to sell unprecedented numbers to be appreciated. I'm pretty sure that everyone who actually had the original Xbox is fully aware that it isn't "just a Halo machine".

Point in case: The Nintendo 64, in my opinion, is the most overrated video game console ever created, despite selling a relatively low 33 million units.

Edit: Hell, now that I think about it, didn't Rayman 2 sell less than the first game? Yet it was far more appreciated/praised.

I haven't played any on that list. lol

oldschoolfool said:
I haven't played any on that list. lol

   Then you must play them......... or else.

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Lufia 2 (Lufia in Europe)
Breath of Fire 4
Jumping Flash!
Crazy Taxi (We still have it in the arcade in my little 17000 people counting town, on the Dreamcast its also good)
Ape Escape
Medal of Honor
Terranigma (Enix action rpg not released in NA, but released in EU)
VirtuaTennis 2

just a couple games that dont get mentioned often