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         I was looking at some of the comments of my so infamous top 10 most overrated games thread ( almost 200 replies) and I saw a comment by MohammadBadir asking  if I could make a thread about the most underrated games.... Well, here it is the thread you wanted, Mohammad..... 3 months after you left the comment, but still!

                      #12- Doom 64 ( Nintendo 64)
                              At this point pretty much everyone knows about Doom.. It's  the game that made the first person shooter genre very popular back in the 90s... It recieved a sequel that was  enjoyable if not even more... There is however a game on the N64 that many people  didn't play... That  is Doom 64.

                              Doom 64 is very similar to Doom 1 and Doom 2, but one can argue that it is better than those games. First of all, the campaign is just as fun as ever and the new  levels  are  full of enemies that are ready to  kill your ass and there are also some nice setpieces not found in the other Doom games.. Some of these levels are full of traps which may be annoying  the first time, but I had no problem after playing multiple times.

                              The graphics are improved and the game has a pretty smooth FPS... I noticed lag only a few times... The soundtrack is amazing and the game controls very well with the analog stick of the N64 controller. This is the perfect game if you are a fan of old school shooters.

                     #11- Final Fantasy IX ( PSX)

                               Final Fantasy IX is easily my favorite FF game... That's why it pisses me off that it sold less than games like VIII and X.. The art style is simply very charming, the medieval theme is very good and way better than the modern themes of VII and VIII..  The soundtrack, while not as good as VI, it's still very well composed and destroys the efforts of any Final Fantasy game made after it..

                               The overworld is very big and full of sidequests and things to do.. The writting is also very good and also destroys the efforts of any FF game made after it.. Sure, it is an easy game and it  was moslty made for the nostalgic fans, but it is still an amazing game that should be played by any serious JRPG fan.

                    #10- Viewtiful Joe ( GC/PS2) 

                         A Kamiya game... It's very fun and silly. The art style is  very unique and it looks very good for a  2D game released during the time consoles were mostly filledwith  3D games... To be honest, I prefer VJ's art style over some of today's boring graphics.. I am serious.. The combat is very fun and unique which uses some AWESOME VFX powers such Slow and Mach Speed.. They are also used to solve puzzles and beat bigger bosses..

                       The characters are also very wacky and the game is simply very charming.. It's not just a beat 'em up.. It's an unique and charming one.

                    #9- Kameo ( Xbox 360) 

                       Yeah, yeah... Rare got fucked after  going with M$... We all know that... HOWEVER, I still think Kameo is an enjoyable game. The game looks OK in 2013 ( almost 2014), but I imagine it looked really awesome back in 2005... The soundtrack is pretty impressive.. It's orchestral if you didn't know... That's why I find it even more impressive... The game is short, easy and SLIGHTLY repetitive, but  the enjoyable levels, intelligent puzzles and  charming characters always bring a smile on my face..

                       It pisses me off that Rare is not able to make games like this mostly because this was made AFTER they went with M$. It makes no sense. If  Rare was able to make this without Nintendo, why they can't fucking do it nowadays? WHY?!

                   #8- Shadow of the Colossus ( PS2) 

                             The last game made by Team Ico...... Still waiting for The  Last Guardian.. Anyway, this game is very good for different reasons.. The story is very good.. I won't spoil it, but you can pretty much play the game or search for videos on Youtube to see if you like it or now.. I say it's pretty good. Graphics are simply beautiful.. While the game  looks worse now, I say it is one of the best looking PS2 games ever made... The framerate.... however..... is....... not as good to say at least...

                             The music is awesome and the sound effects match everything perfectly. The camera and controls are meh, but the combat is very fun, the enemies are not   bricks thus requiring  you to pay attention or else you will get your ass kicked. The puzzles are very entertaining as well.. A timeless classic and I will play this game until The Last Guardian comes out.......... Which means I will be playing SOTC for another 5 years or so... I am OK with that.

                  #7- Jet Set Radio Future ( Xbox)

                           WHAT?! The original Xbox had GOOD exclusives that weren't Halo 1 and Halo 2? Yes, I was as shocked as you when I discovered this game along with other Xbox gems back in 2008 or so. The art style is  so fucking awesome.. Sure, it is similar to the art style of the Dreamcast game, but that doesn't make it any less dope than it is.

                          The levels are huge and you can explore them if you want so, the controls are fluid and they never   pissed me off... Some fans were pissed off by the lack of manual graffiti... This was a minor issue at first, but now I don't really give a damn... The soundtrack is as wacky as ever and the multiplayer  offers a fun experience that runs at 60fps without any  kind of lag..   A true gem..

                #6- Rayman Legends ( WiiU, PS3, Vita, PS4, 360, XBONE) 

                          One of the best platformers I have played in years..  Simply great... The  graphics are colorful and simply charming.. It  is also 1080p and 60fps on the Wii U and most likely PS4/One, so  lag won't be there to ruin your experience... The music is good.. Nothing VERY special, but it is very enjoyable.

                          The controls are  very smooth and while Rayman's jump may be floaty at first, you will easily get used to it.. The controls are just so damn smooth... The game is also very original.. Most of them are your typical platforming levels but there are also fun stealth  levels, fun levels that are shoot 'em up inspired and also the music levels..  Everybody that played the Rayman Legends demo should at least know how fucking fun the music level was.

                        The bosses are challenging and the co-op is simply chaotic and fun for the whole family.. This is easily in my top 10 games of the year.. It's just that good.

                   #5- Vanquish ( PS3/ 360)

                         A PG gem.. The graphics are awesome, the electronic music is very charming  and the gameplay is what makes this game so damn cool.  The gunplay is very enjoyable, the weapon  power ups make the experience way better,  the fast boosting mechanic is dope and it kicks ass and there are also  tons of awesome setpieces that will blow your socks off.

                       Combine all that and you got an awesome game in your hands. I wished the game was a bit longer though.

                  #4- Tatsunoko VS Capcom ( Wii)

                       The graphics are still one of the best on the Wii... The animation is VERY smooth and the effects are one of the best on the Wii.... This game looks almost as good as Street Fighter 4.. That's how good it looks. The sound effects are very punchy, the voices are very good and the music is very charming..

                       The gameplay is on par if not better than Street Fighter 4.. The roster is pretty balanced for a Capcom game and it features awesome characters like Mega Man,  Ryu, Chun- Li, Tekkaman and Ken The Eagle.. This game was so good that PS3 and 360 fans BEGGED Capcom to bring this game to the Wii since Street Fighter 4 wasn't good for them.. That's how awesome it was.. Too bad a sequel will never come out.

                  #3- Pikmin 3 ( Wii U) 

                    Oh... A game I had to wait half a decade to  play... Happily it was  worth the wait... The graphics are pretty good and the game runs at 60fps.... The music is very relaxing and good just like always.. I always listen to Garden of Hope when I am alone doing  my typical shit... The gameplay is very good.. The  enemies are as creative as ever, attacking enemies is now easier than ever thanks to the cursor, fighting  enemies is simple and fun, the levels are huge and they reward exploration very well..

                   The competitive mode is also something stands out.. It's very fun and a it's a welcome addition.. There  is also the mission mode which is fun, but I didn't really care about it THAT much... Pikmin 3 is kinda easy and short,  but its good level design, focus on exploration and  awesome competitive mode more than make up for it.

                   #2- Xenoblade ( Wii) 

                       We all know the history of this game and how it can cost a ton of money on Amazon and stuff like that, but trust me, it's worth the money.. From a technical standpoint, Xenoblade is pretty OK, but from an artistic standpoint, I think it's safe to say that Xenoblade does a pretty good job. The music is simply breath-taking..  The main theme is awesome, Gaur Plain is awesome, Engage the Enemy is pretty dope... It's simply badass on so many levels.

                      The battle system/ combat is simply awesome...  This is the battle system FFXII/FXIII should have had..... The locations are HUGE and exploring each one of them can take HOURS and maybe DAYS..... There are also tons of sidequests.... Hence why most people spent around 100 hours playing this game... There is simply so much to do in Xenoblade.

                       Also, the dialogue and writting is simply awesome.. It's a game that doesn't take itself too serious when it doesn't need to. It's a game that gave me a few laughs, but also made me care for the characters.  I just can't imagine how  awesome X for the Wii U is going to be if this game is this good.

                 #1- Super Paper Mario ( Wii) 

                    YES. I went here.. The amount of hate this game got is simply unfair.. Yes, it didn't have  a battle system. So? It was still fun doing the action commands, hunting catch cards, making recipes for better food and hunting treasures was also fun as all hell.. I just don't get it. What's so bad about this game? The graphics are  a bit better, the music is still awesome, the writting is arguably better, the characters are likeable, the story is just WAY better than before, the locations are pretty smart ( love the 3rd chapter and the 7th one the most) and the game has an unique charm ( the communication between Peach and Francis is funny as all hell, the battle with the chomps in chapter 7 reminds me of Earthbound)..

                  Please, explain to me... What's so bad about this game.. It's not short... Specially if you do all the extra stuff and it's not really easy to be honest... Sure, it's not as good as Paper Mario and  TTYD, but it's still very enjoyable...

                   So, what do you think? What games can be considered underrated in your opinion?



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Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 6

The others.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West could be you #13, one of the most underrated games of the decade.

Wow, I don't...

Final Fantasy IX? Xenoblade? Regardless whether they didn't reach the sales targets set by forum goes, I can tell you that between here and reddit it's hard to go a week without seeing these games mentioned, so whatever under-ratedness they had has long been washed away by cult status (edit: Shadow of the Colossus too, for that matter).

My pick: Gregory Horror Show. Haven't yet met anyone else who played it. Fascinating pseudo-survival horror game.

Eikichi134 said:
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West could be you #13, one of the most underrated games of the decade.

            I can agree.. Thing is,  this list is already very big  and I didn't want to make it even bigger.

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LOL SOTC is far from underrated. Has a 91 meta.

Replace it with Knack.

JoeTheBro said:
LOL SOTC is far from underrated. Has a 91 meta.

Replace it with Knack.

     I don't like Knack. Besides, a game doesn't need to be bad in order to be underrated.

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I wouldn't say Xenoblade is underrated, it got great reviews and people generally accept it's status as a great RPG.

I would rather say it's simply been generally ignored because of the console it was released on, the late localization and poor marketing from Nintendo (Gamestop exclusive, very limited supply).

Shadow of the colossus underrated??? That's a good joke. It has a 91 on metacritic and is hailed as one of the best games on the ps2.

lt_dan_27 said:
Shadow of the colossus underrated??? That's a good joke. It has a 91 on metacritic and is hailed as one of the best games on the ps2.

       Good game =/= Not underrated

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