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Fighting (i.e. Street Fighter) 5 2.66%
Beat'em Up (i.e. Final Fight) 1 0.53%
Shooter (i.e. Halo, CoD) 9 4.79%
3rd Person (i.e. Uncharted, Gears of war) 26 13.83%
RPG (I.e. Suikoden, Final... 83 44.15%
Sports (I.e. Fifa, NBA, NFL) 0 0.00%
Strategy (I.e. Command an... 14 7.45%
Platformer (I.e. Super Ma... 25 13.30%
MMO (I.e. Warcraft, KOTOR) 1 0.53%
MIsc (other) 24 12.77%


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RPG's lighting up dat poll.

JRPG's are my favorite, beloved, and calling.

do sub-genres count? Metroidvania

Didnt think RPG would get so many votes :O

But hey, I love you RPG'ERS! :D

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Hm... action adventures (i. e. Zelda, Darksiders, God of war) jump 'n runs (Mario, Sonic) stealth (mgs)... I probably like everything :P

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Racing is miscellaneous now, ugh.
Besides racing, action/adventure/rpg/platformer all about equal, hybrids even better.

RPGs. Especially CRPGs like Might & Magic, Wizardry, Wizards & Warriors, The Elder Scrolls etc

3D "action" platformers > "traditional" JRPG's > god games/management games > RTS' > racing games > 3D action/adventure games > fighting games > SRPG's > 2D platformers > third person shooters.

My interest kind of tails off after that last genre. I'll play the odd FPS or WRPG but not very often.

Rpgs. Perferably Jrpgs but i pretty much play all genres.

My Top Games Of 2013:

Action- adventure (Zelda, Metroid, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear, Resident Evil) followed by platform and RPG.