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How often do you read the whole OP?

Half the time
Who cares?

Judging by all the attacks we see on joke threads and obnoxious answers I think more than 30% don't finish reading OP, and most of them just read the title... And that is why so many flamebait threads get a lot of replies.

Or you go by the poster and title and start babbling around?

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I didn't even bother reading this one.

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most of the times. i almost didnt read yours lol.

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I didn't even read this OP.
I voted a commented. now going to the other thread

I'm like 90%

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How can you read Optimus Prime?

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Every time unless I specify otherwise in my post. Usually, I read every post in a thread before posting too just to make sure I'm not repeating something someone else has said. I usually say something like "I only read the OP" or "I only read the first few posts" if I skip. Sometimes, I've read the first sentence or paragraph and I get so full of rage, I have to reply because it's so wrong. I normally specify that, too.

It's a headache sometimes but I don't want to make a fool out of myself.

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I dont even read the titles.


Not every thread I click on, but I'm gonna make a post, all the time

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Reading? What is this word you speak of?


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