Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Much Do You Think Wii U Will Sell January 2014?

Globally. BTW, if you're going to come here to troll the people that think Wii U will do good, leave. Go to another thread to troll. Trolls are annoying as f**k.

I will make a guess now... More than last January. Not sure about the actual numbers though.

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It's hard to imagine anybody buying in January. If the new games are going to get you, they're going to do it while there are holiday deals going on. So...not a lot?

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How much did it do this january?

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280k falling down

February cant come soon enough

zorg1000 said:
How much did it do this january?

150k I think.

Global... 250k max.

What do you mean by "January" are you including the week ending the 5th from last year.

If that's the case, it sold 244K January 2013.

Next month, I expect about 145K

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It did 282 last time, so I'll go with 250.