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Leona Lewis has over a million followers on twitter and almost 500k on instagram? Freaking well done for staying that relevant after winning a singing contest over 10 years ago.

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WolfpackN64 said:

Motörhead - Sympathy For The Devil

Well the instrumentals are definitely better then the Rolling Stones version but that is also true for the Guns and Roses cover from 1994.

fory77 said:

Not a cover, but just better without vocals imo. 

The song actually has some pretty good lyrics but I agree it sounds better without vocals.

True colours, Phil Collins's cover

Ryan Adams - Bad Blood, original by Taylor Swift.

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Starships from PTX



Original is by Burl Ives. This song has been covered more times than Doom has been ported. Still this tops  all of them..yes even the Cash version. To me this is the best.

Live and Let Die, the GNR version is better


Originally written and recorded by Neil Diamount but this is a cover of the reggae version from Tony Tribe but its not a direct cover since this is the superior long version of the song which has added lyrics.  The album from which it comes from Labour of Love contains only covers of previous songs and they are all better then the original versions.  Its my favorite album from 1983 and one  of my favorite albums from the 80s.

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