How long can you go without masturbating?

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Like 2 months, idk I never found it hard to resist.

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No more than 5 mins

areason said:
Been a solid 7 months.

When you fall in love the addiction will go away.

so truee..but 7 months..WOW

What's a masturbating?

EDIT: Up yours NobleTeam360!

Been doing it since I was like 6, so it was really easy to resist for a few months during those days. But since doing it almost everyday I resisted for a month when I got a gf, then fell into my desires since we were both to young. Then we broke up: back to everyday. I had a long campaign of trying to recreate the 1 month thing, never happened got to about 20 days. Then I realized I did not need to quit since I was able to resist for 20 days and regularly don't do it for 3 days at a time.

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1 Month. But the last week was a killer.

After the month was over, I could easily fill a 95-wheeler's cargo. In 5 minutes.

For those who resist MONTHS.... You've got a natural gift, son.

When I was studying Japan I went two months without it because I didn't want my host family to catch me. XD

4-5 years ago. Couple times and never again.

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Mirson said:

There's only a few things I really care about in life. My body. My pad. My ride. My family. My church. My boys. My girls. My porn.

Okay I got that line from Don Jon, a movie I saw last night. I was laughing my ass off with that movie mainly because I kind of related myself with the main character. I'm not as extreme as Don Jon like watching porn on my phone or looking for the perfect scene, but I do watch it regulary, fap and repent after doing it. I tell myself I'll stop, but it never happens. I'm a horny person, and I begin to lose it if I don't release myself in like maybe 12 hours. It's been a day already, and it's killing me tbh. This addiction is something I want to overcum, but the urge gets to me every time.

So anyways, how long can you go before you begin to lose it? Do you also have an addiction?

I think I found the problem...

Jay520 said:

I typically masturbate 4-5 nights a week, and I very rarely go more than once per night. In recent memory, the longest I have ever lasted was about six days.

I too feel guilty after masturbation. Not because I think it's wrong or anything, but simply because I don't feel in control of my actions. For instance, if I'm just sitting or lying around, then I'll know that I'm probably going to start masturbating in a few minutes. I don't like the idea of my actions being predetermined against my will, so I try to challenge myself to resist the urge, and get through the night without masturbating. I almost always fail this challenge.

I can usually drift into sleep while resisting the urge, but when I wake up in the middle of the night with an erection, it’s like I have no choice. Those are the worst: I consciously tell myself to “stop and go back to sleep”, but then I do it anyway. This is where the guilt comes from; I should be able to easily resist these primitive urges. I should have control over my body. Masturbation is also a sign that I probably have too much free time, because I never masturbate at the end of busy days.

I think I’m going to attempt another long-term run at resisting masturbation. I should probably start meditating to improve discipline and self-control. I’ll also have to find more activities to keep me busy with as well. Hopefully, this time I can last longer than a fully week.

I have a similar problem like that. I can't go to sleep without masturbating for some reason; I guess I made it into a habit of doing it before going to sleep. The only times I can sleep without doing it is when I'm very tired. Even then, I stick my hand into my pants and mess around a little, but since I don't have the strength, I just fall asleep. I have been going to the gym at nights to wear myself out, but that doesn't work all the times.