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so i have around 80 friends on PSN and most of them are PS3 gamers so im looking for lots of people who have a PS4!

my typical games are games published by Sony (Uncharted, killzone, Last of Us ect) and games that have a great story like Bioshock Infinate and Ni NO Kuni


so.. please add me guys! its Bedhead1


also leave you PSN's down here is your also looking for PS4 friends!

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I need Resogun help and maybe some KZ multiplayer boosting but won't be on PS4 till the 20th at least (probably later because of all the BF PS3 games I have to play plus finals coming up)

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My PSN is Gremdude 


On other subjects, PS4 is in stock at nearly every location near me at Walmart. NONE online but they seem to have plenty in stock at the stores. Lets see how long they last!




I found this other site which shows when the PS4 goes in and out of stock and it is really interesting



Walmart had it in stock online from 1 hr(at 3am) to an average of 2 to 8 minutes. Every time they restocked, it would sell out again. Seriously, if Sony were to put 1 million PS4s on Amazon, they could sell all of them in a day. Seriously!!

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cloudstrife070 you all can add me


Look at sig:

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Mine is tokila add if ya like

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You can add me, name is in my signature.

I'll be getting my PS4 in the next few months hopefully so I'll just add you guys anyway.