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I want The Last of Us 2.

Simply loving the first game right now.

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Wild Arms in WA3 style of graphics and gameplay.

Uncharted 4
New IP
New IP
New IP
New IP

Uncharted 4
Jak & Daxter
Crash Bandicoot
The Last of Us 2
New Naughty Dog IP

The Last of Us
Syphon Filter
Dark Cloud

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God Of War IV
Gran Turismo 7
The Order: 1886
Uncharted 4
inFamous: Second Son

For me it would be,

Jak & Daxter
Crash Bandicoot
Uncharted 4
InFamous SS
The Order: 1886

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1 - Jak 4 / Jak & Daxter Reboot
Man SONY really needs to bring the duo back... I understand the main Naughty Dog's teams are not interested because they were not the main creators of the game... Really wish Sony would hire Jason or Andy and make a 3rd team at Naughty Dog to bring Jak back... I wish a next Jak game happened on PS4, but a new game on Vita would be awesome...

2 - The Legend Of Dragoon
I agree, bring it back on PS Vita please!

3 - Ape Escape Vita
The only reason Ape Escape: On the Loose failed so bad was because of the lack of the second analog, that would make Vita the perfect place for it! Or I wish they would do an Open World Ape Escape game on PS4... The other Ape Escape floped Move game failed mostly because most of PS hardcore gamers are not into move controls

4 - Tomba's Comeback
I think handheld devices are the perfect places for Platform/RPG's I think Tomba! felt like a perfect mixes of those genres and I think it would be an amazing game for the PS Vita, make it full of quests in amazing HD graphics, it would be amazing!

5 - Lemmings + Lomax
IDK how people liked Lomax back on the day but it was one of my favorite games on PS1, and again I think PS Vita kinda miss some platformers, so I really wish they would make a Lemmings game with some history focused on Lomax

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SONY Bring them BACK for PS4 and VITA!

In terms of IPs that are still 100% under control of Sony:

Syphon Filter

Parappa the Rapper


Jumping Flash

The Getaway

I don't think there's any way for Syphon Filter to return, really.  It was always a "not quite there" 3rd person shooter with some stealth elements.  Budgets on those kind of games have ballooned to ridiculous proportions.  If Syphon Filter returned, it would either need a comparable budget to match Splinter Cell/Metal Gear Solid or go cheaper than that and look like a rubbish alternative.  Either way, I can't particularly see it happening.

My picks:

1. Ape Escape - why Japan Studio are making Knack and Puppeteer instead of Ape Escape 4 is beyond me.

2. Jak & Daxter - Sly got a second chance; Ratchet never left us; why is Jak not still here?

3. Wild ARMs - never played Legend of Dragoon so this is my JRPG pick.  Series never had one bad game; Media.Vision are still going, so bring it back!

4. WipEout - I can never have too much WipEout.

5. New IP - wouldn't want them scrambling around only playing on my nostalgia, though.  Give me new stuff.