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JayWood2010 said:
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JayWood2010 said:

Handhelds just scream RPGs to me.  From my DS--> 3DS PSP--> Vita I have 2 non RPGs for them (and easily 50+ games)

The Vita is a great console and to me, its already a huge success.  We all have to be selfish and it has more than provided me with enough entertainment to make the purchase worth while.  Hell, there are plenty of games coming out for it this year/next year that Im looking forward too. 

As far as the non-selfish huge success, Id be good with that 40 million number.

I am really looking forward to Vita TV also.  Id love the ability to play my Vita games on my TV without having to buy both versions of it (Fuck you Square...as Ill probably buy both versions of FFX HD).

Demon's Souls Vita.  Like I said the closed in, more linear feel of the original would work perfectly and be a great way to keep the two versions of basically the same game separate. 

I agree, RPG's are just perfect for Handhelds.  I've always felt like platformers, mascot games (Mario, Zelda, Ratchet, Jak, Banjo), and RPG's are the best handheld games and actually fit them better than home consoles.  

Im not really into Vita TV myself personally.  It is a cool idea but I it just isnt for me.  Even with WiiU i find myself using the gamepad more than i do TV if it has remote play.  

What I would like them to do is to use remote play more often on PS3 games.  When I bought the Vita i actually had remote play as one of the main reasons i bought it since I always heard people bragging about it.  Unfortunetly most games dont have this feature on PS3 -_-  I thought Puppeteer would have been a great remote play game.  Which reminds me why didnt they just make that a vita game.  Perfect game for the vita.

Really though I dont know how I've never seen somebody come up with that Demon's Souls idea but you.  Before I said that Dark Souls and Demon's Souls are practically the same game but like you said the more linear style fits the Vita and plus it is an awesome game.  Bought the original Demon's Souls for PS3 at US launch and it is definitely one of my favorite PS3 exclusives.

Remote Play working on the PS3 as it does on the PS4 would be quite awesome (and is something I always wanted though quite impossible), especially this holiday season.  I have played around with it on the PS4 and that is the single most exciting thing about this gen.   Ill do the same with the WiiU once it hits that "worth it" state to me.  I love the idea of being able to play those games while other people have taken over my TV (happens waaaay to often).  Since there is no way that can happen, atleast have more games that support Remote Play on the PS3.

The way Sony has handled the Vita really baffles me.  It is the single best handheld console I have ever owned.  Why go for the Console feel on an amazing handheld....then turn around and put Handheld Games (Puppeteer) on the PS3?  Why not dust off those very popular old franchises (Dexter most of all) for the Handheld?  Why Killzone instead of Dexter?  I dont get it. 

Demon's Souls is still my favorite game of the PS360 gen.  Its funny too, it came during a sort of "Next Gen Console" downturn where I started playing exclusively on my DS/PSP.  Im finding it more and more difficult to go back and play games again on my consoles, but do so quite frequently on my handhelds and would love to play Demon's Souls again on my Vita if I could. 

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flawed OP. this thread is about games, not myths like the last guardian.

Ratchet reboot.
new big budget RPG

1. The Last Guardian
2. Wipeout (PS4)
3. Gravity Rush 2
4. Folklore 2
5. New IP

*The Last Guardian
*Anything from Naughty Dog

* ....
*Anything from Santa monica
*The Order1886

.. and maybe Legend of Dragoon reboot although I didn't play the original.

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Shadow of the colossus 2 (The last Guardian)
Shadow of the colossus 3
Shadow of the colossus 4
Shadow of the colossus 5
Shadow of the colossus 6
then The Last of Us 2
Crash Bandicoot 4
Little Big Planet 3(i know there's LBP Vita but i'm not counting that as 3)

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The Last of Us 2
God of War IV
Uncharted 4
Starhawk 2
Gran Turismo 7

1. Medievil!

2. Last Of Us 2

3. The Last Guardian ( but that does not count according to Banana )

3. Little Big Planet

4. A proper PlayStation Battle Royale All Stars game!!!

5. Ghost Hunter 2

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1. God of War IV
2. Sony Santa Monica new IP (sci-fi RPG)
3. The Last of Us (sequel, side-story or prequel)
4. LittleBigPlanet 3
5. Medievil Reboot

The only announced Sony game I want is The Order: 1886.

Ninjahound101 said:
Shadow of the colossus 2 (The last Guardian)
Shadow of the colossus 3
Shadow of the colossus 4
Shadow of the colossus 5
Shadow of the colossus 6
then The Last of Us 2
Crash Bandicoot 4
Little Big Planet 3(i know there's LBP Vita but i'm not counting that as 3)

Thats at least 12 generations of consoles right there and in a span of 60 years!!!


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