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I was thinking about what sony games I really want to see come to PS4 or Vita this generation and with their huge library of first party games they have a lot to work with.  These are the 5 I want the most.  Post yours as well. In no specific order by the way.

Legends of Dragoon

I'm not really a huge fan of Jrpg games typically but I remember playing this as a kid and loving it.  Not only would it be a great game to reboot, but it would fit perfectly on a console that desperately needs support.  The Vita.  I mean really, why hasn't anybody talked about this before.  Handheld games are huge in Japan and RPG games are a perfect fit for the Vita.

The Last Guardian

Please Sony do not let this game die.  Ico and Shadow of the Colossus has been some of my all time favorite games.  I don't care what console it is made for (PS3/PSV/PS4) just please make it.

Jak & Daxter

This is another game that would fit the Vita perfectly.  I would also say Spyro or Crash Bandicoot but without Sony having control of those franchises with a good developer I dont have a lot of faith in them.  Naughty Dog has two teams so it is completely plausible for ND to make a Jak game.  If not give it to Sony Bend which has proven to be a solid studio.

Syphon Filter

This one is one that needs to make it to home consoles and PS4 is the perfect fit.  While i appreciate Sony making it for PSP over the years it just fills like it would be better on home consoles with a full fleshed out experience in a AAA title.


Even though Killzone is one of my favorite FPS games I think Sony needs to give the franchise a break for a while.  Zipper interactive is no longer with us but GG could maybe take over one of these franchises and make a real good military shooter.  While im not a huge fan of either franchise they both have a ton of poteintial and would be a good tactical move on the military FPS popularity.