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Are you reading my mind O.o I've literally thought about most of that. Same here, talented in a lot of things but lazy as fuck. Contemplated whether I have ADHD cause I've realised that even my process of thought is different than 99.9% of people. Get bored easy like you and disinterested with things that don't excite me.

That said I guess I've just decided to get on with it, realised sulking wouldn't do anything. I feel ya bro and don't get depressed over that, you can't control the past so just make sure you make the best of what you have right now.


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Cobretti2 said:
Dr.Grass said:
Frequency said:

Despite our argument yesterday, (we all have our off days, yesterday was one of mine), I hope you're feeling better having got it all off your chest.

Here's something very strange... I have an amazing memory - I really do. I remember so much from my childhood that I've started compiling my days since the age of 3 (I remember my 3rd birthday vividly) in a long memoire.


I have some weaknesses! Streetnames!!! GAAAAH!

And, I hardly ever,


remember who I talked with online! I just remember the content! So there have been occasions where I was an asshole (so I hear) to someone and then subsequently was nice to them and they were all weirded out haha :)

So, sorry about that ;)

(but fuck that guy above)

yer I remeber a shitload form my childhood too.

The streenames I never use to remember them till I met my gf, who gets lost easily. So I learnt them.  Before her I be like oh this shop is next to A and B two block up and left then right.

I have an irrational fear of doctors because I still can recall being ripped from my mother's womb by the doctor.


Just kidding.  Seriously though, I can recall things going back to when I was 2.  Including dreams and fantasies.  As an example, I still remember getting bit on my finger by my friend's hamster, or walking into their basement, my toes on the shag carpeting, and sitting at their bar.

I have good recollection of facts and information, but I don't have detailed recall.  So if someone were to say humanity originated in the Middle East, I could easily say, "No, it didn't.  Humanity developed in Africa, migrated east through the Arabian pennisula, through Persia, and into India.  Then they migrated into Indonesia and Australia.  That was just the first wave....blah, blah, blah."

I tend to leave out information or get details wrong, but I get the general point across.

But introduce me to your girlfriend and I won't recall her name five minutes later.  My name recall, even with people I interact with routinely can be horrible.  Unless they're someone I want to know or interact with, I won't recall their name. 

We tend to remember what is most important to us.  If you know you'll forget, write it down.  I have a friend who has terrible memory, so he writes everything down.  Build artificial coping mechanisms. 

Sorry about your "crying" but I find it difficult to be sorry for you when you have things that most people will never have the joy of owning.

EDIT: Okay so I just read all of your responses after the main OP. How do I put this... You don't have ADHD, at least I'm 99% sure based on how you react and respond to things. You might be a bit OCD, but who isn't. Your main problem, in my opinion, is a short fuse and emotional issues. You likely don't like to hear negative things about you, possibly due to a low self-esteem. That's why you constantly brag and bring up your "success" in life in order to compensate how alone you actually feel. 

I think you need to relax. Like literally. Take a day (you're currently banned so hope you read this) and put away all the worldly possessions. Your millionaire girlfriend, your friends, video games, just take a day for yourself and find something that makes you happy and relaxed. If you're religious, I recommend finding a good and organized church program to get involved in. If not, try volunteering in the community. 

Helping others often helps yourself. You'd be surprised what it can do. 

My final piece of advice; since you do seem to have a short fuse (get angry quick) you might want to avoid these types of discussions on the internet forums. It's probably the worst place to share! People here say whatever the fuck they want without worrying about anything. 

I hope you find guidence in your life man. Just remember, it isn't about how successful you are, but how happy that success ultimately makes you.


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Dr.Grass said:
Kasz216 said:

First off... you don't "catch" ADHD. So it's not your professors fault if you have it.

You probably don't have ADHD. You are just lazy.

ADHD is so over diagnosed in some places because it more or less matches the symptoms of lazy people and is a great excuse.

The pot isn't helping in that regard.

So. Congratulations. You don't have to feel bad about yourself due to your distaste for people with mental diseases.

On the other hand however... your problem is more of a personal flaw.

As for not knowing anyone as smart as you that hasn't achieved anything?

Look up Christopher Langan.

He's way smarter than you.... and his main occupation is as a bouncer.


IQ and outcome actually are only very loosely correlated.  In general, it seems IQ seems more a gradiant system then a predictor of how well you will apply your intellegence.

(Like for example, how 50 pushups can tell if you will make it in the army, but WON'T say how good of a soldier you become.)


The style of your writing leads me to believe that you felt bitterness at my "self praise" in the OP.

"First off... you don't "catch" ADHD. So it's not your professors fault if you have it.

You probably don't have ADHD. You are just lazy."

Did I say that!? I've considered my whole childhood and late teens and all my behaviour before rusing to this conclusion.

I'm sorry but I don't know Christopher Logan. It should be fucking obvious that I'm talking about people I know personally.

"IQ and outcome actually are only very loosely correlated.  In general, it seems IQ seems more a gradiant system then a predictor of how well you will apply your intellegence."

Yeah we all know that. I'm just using it as an indicator. It does mean something you know.

1) You said that... but then blamed your proffessor.

It's not really his fault...

As for Christopher Langan.  He scores 185+ constanty.  Hence why I said he's smarter than you.

Tons of people like that.  Really once you hit a high enough IQ... it almost seems a hinderance.

Hell, shit is why I'm glad I was born premature.  My IQ was professionally tested in the 130s... had I NOT been born prematurely by over a month i'd of probably been some socially inept goon.

Shit I was diagnosed with ADHD, took ritalin for a while.  It's mostly bullshit.

All high IQ means.... is that you can walk to where other people need to run.

Which means you have to walking to stuff feels like crawling.

Which can be fucking boring. 

I mean.. I was held back in Kintergarden?  Why?  I couldn't settle down and was disruptive.  Was it because i had a disorder?   No... it was because we were learning that B made a "buh sound"  and I could already read, add, subtract and multiply.

It's not a matter of not having less concentration, it's just smart people need to concetrate more then other people on mundane shit.

That's just the normal downside of having a high IQ...

and why IQ doesn't really correlate with success.

Writing papers is just boring because it's just putting down on paper what's already in your head... and it's already there in your head... so it's just tedious.

What I would do is, i'd just stay up until about 3-4 in the morning... and then when i was nice and tired

Though really?   Fuck Success.


If your not happy... what's the point of making an impact on society and the world?   And if you are happy... seriously, whats the point?  You are already happy.

If you don't believe in god.  Everything you do won't matter the minute you die anyway.

If you do... it still won't matter.  You'll be in heaven or reincarnated or whatever else.

It's fun to achive stuff, sure.  It's nothing to get all upset about though.

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A few things I noticed that I thought I should bring up.

1. Like you, I believe you've been spoiled. You don't know how to handle failure, and if things don't go your way, it upsets you.
2. You have an issue with blaming others, possible a vanity or pride problem...which may be rooted in a self-esteem problem (Not saying that's bad, I'm also prideful as fuck and do the same thing. I'm in the same boat)
3. Like Kasz said, ADHD is waaayy over-diagnosed. What I think you have, is a perspective problem. I don't think you have ADHD at all.
4. The main issue, in my opinion, is the huge amount of free time you have.

My diagnoses as just some guy on the internet, is that you sound normal, which just a couple issues regarding self-esteem and motivation.

brendude13 said:
Wright said:

Depression may led you to pessimistic view of yourself. Sure, you have a mental disease. You should still be proud of yourself, as a whole man.

Are you being sarcastic?

Wright is genius. 

Sounds more like ADD instead of ADHD.

And I know the feel bro, I also have my days

Dr.Grass said:
PowerOverAuthority said:
Dr.Grass said:
PowerOverAuthority said:
I think this guy has you beat in regard to wasted potential.


I was just saying of anyone I know personally ok.

There are TONS of people who have had more potential than me and not used it.

WHY THE HELL do you people have to come in here and get offended by my frankness of being slightly gifted!? It is directly related to the context of the thread.

Relax, kid. I'm simply saying there are plenty of gifted people who waste it. Be it ADHD or simply laziness.

You obviously have many emotional and psychological issues if you're this upset by a simply post explanaining that you aren't alone in your position.











User was banned for this post.


Like I said, serious emotional and psychological problems.

Envious of what exactly? I'm also gifted and I happen to reside in a nation where education is a priority.

Can't say the same of South Africa, which ranks an abysmal 146 out of 148 countries.


All I can do is laugh at you. For some reason the internet precludes your ability to provide cogent, rational thoughts? Go back to take a remedial logic course as you're seriously lacking in this regard.

You may want to submit yourself for psychological evaluation as well. I fear you may harm yourself or others.

The OP has a serious anger problem.