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How about porting Bayonetta 1 to WiiU ;(


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Hey, i just remenber a thing. Michael pacther itself said he would problably pick up a wiiu just to play this game, since he was a bayonetta fan. Maybe this explains all negativity toward the console from him xD

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ToxicJosh said:
The publisher owns the right to publish the game.

Sega may well decide to publish Bayonetta 3 as a multi plat, as they own the rights to the IP.

But Nintendo owns the rights to publish Bayonetta 2. Simple as. Sega cannot touch the game, as it doesn't belong to them. The only way Bayonetta 2 could turn up on another platform is if Nintendo decide to do it, or if they decide to sell the publishing rights to someone else.

No. Sega owns the Bayonetta IP, so they own everything with Bayonetta in it. It's just like EA publishing Mass Effect 1 on PS3 despite Microsoft funding and publishing it at the very beginning.

Sega is renting the Bayonetta license to Nintendo, so the only question is : how long is the rental period? It's just like MH in Japan

LiquorandGunFun said:
curl-6 said:

It's not punishing the consumer. Punishing  the consumer would be turning down Nintendo's offer so the game never gets made.

Yeah, I dont have enought time to waste to help remove the nintendo goggles. People want to play games on systems they have or will get. I know its a travisty. Shame on US.

Obviously not. If enough people would have bought the first game on PS3/X360, than Sega would have never cancelled the sequel. So this basically is down to: people really do not care enough about Bayonetta to support the game properly. But it would need to remove the Nintendo-hate-googles to admit that.

Why Nintendo funded the game is unclear, probably they do not pay as much as for the full game, as a part was already done with Segas funding. So probably Sega gets some money back for the money already spent and Nintendo gets the game cheap.

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Podings said:
fatslob-:O said:
Cj2i3 said:
fatslob-:O said:
Does anyone actually care about it ?

About what? Bayonetta 2? Clearly some do,

I'm sincerely glad it isn't coming to BoneStation I'd make the same mistake buying 2 as I did with 1.

Bayonetta 2 is a largely irrelevant game. A third party game only matters if it can move consoles an I doubt bayonetta 2 will do the job. It's not gonna be as bad as wonderful 101 but still. 

Also "as bad as Wonderful 101" is kind of a moot statement. It too has made a profit from sales, and a helping drive awareness among core players.

You are aware that this was a financial failure.

ryuzaki57 said:
Maybe they should have thought about that before taking the decision. They should have expected that PS3/360 owners would be outraged. More than 1 year has passed and yet they don't share anything about their projects on other systems. No wonder people think PG completely turned their back on them.

Oh please. The majority of the people complaining didn't buy Bayonetta 1 and don't care about the game. They are just throwing a tantrum because Nintendo is getting Bayonetta 2. The game got cancelled for 360/PS3 because the people that are bitching now, didn't buy the original. In fact, the bulk of Bayonetta sales were of the dramatically inferior PS3 version. If Nintendo didn't pick it up off the scrap heap, it wouldn't be available. I always love when people talk about company's "turning their backs on fans". Despite Bayonetta not being a big enough financial success to warrant sequel, they managed to find a publisher to fund it's production. If these so called "fans" were actual fans they'd be thanking P* for getting the game funded.

S.T.A.G.E. said:

The game was literally ripped from the hands of the consoles of where the true fans are. Wont sell on Nintendo, but for those who are true fans of Bayonetta they should pick it up and at least play it on a friends house. The Wii U wont bite. For those without Wii U, there are plenty of other third party games on the other consoles to really even care but really? Seriously. Aggrivating people over spilled milk is stupid. Theres nothing you can do about Nintendo publishing the game.

LOL @ the bolded. Sure, Nintendo sneakily bribed customers on PS360 to avoid the game, so Sega decided to cancel the sequel. Very clever Ninteninjas.

Agreee with the rest of the post. If you want to play the game, buy it.

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MohammadBadir said:
BMaker11 said:

And yet, Ninja Gaiden 2 appeared on PS3, despite being "basically a Microsoft game, developed by Team Ninja, using a license from Tecmo". Just because something like this "doesn't make sense" doesn't mean it hasn't happened before.

when has Nintendo  ever sold their publishing rights for a game? if they didn't sell the Goldeneye 64 publishing rights to Rare/Microsoft, they sure as hell aren't selling the Bayonetta 2 rights.

Goldeneye 64 (Goldeneye 007) was remade for the Wii and was published by Activision. They gave up the publishing rights to "Goldeneye 007". Then, that game was ported to PS3 and 360 and called Goldeneye 007: Reloaded. Do you think it's just that impossible for the same to happen with B2? That a remade Bayonetta 2: "Complete Edition" isn't possible?

And don't have me pegged for a "port begger". I don't expect this game to come to PS3/4 or X1/360. Like I said in my original post, it will take a bunch of jumping through hoops to get this game there (either by PG getting bought out or signing on with another publisher), but also, like I said in my original post, a port is possible.

They should announce Bayonetta 3 for the Wii U just to rile them up even more. Get to financing it Nintendo. ;)