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What is it?

Epic game design.
Simplicity and challenge at the same time.
The sense of skill felt from lucky shots.
All of the Above.

Why is it sooooo addicting?! Seriously, my girlfriend and I just need to play it whenever we can. So I ask for the people who've played Peggle 1 and/or 2, what's the deal with Peggle??

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Peggle ruined my life.

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d21lewis said:
Peggle ruined my life.

My god...I hope it doesn't come to that 

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Its probably the single greatest indie game ever made. Why? Because no other indie game has ever made me lose 100 of hours to nothing but aim and shoot.

Peggle is dangerously good.

It's digital crack!

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I don't get the fun in it. I condsider this a game of luck. The only entertainment I got from it, Peggle 2, was the unicorn animations on the screen, Kept imagining ethomaz was playing with me..


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I honestly don't know what the deal with Peggle 2 is.

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Peggle was freaking awesome, wasted so many hours playing on my laptop when I was meant to be doing homework

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Peggle 1 was fun, peggle 2 is pretty much the same game with new backgrounds. Still fun, but why not make it DLC?

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