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Taking a look of the recent Nintendo games launched, the article loses any sense it could have. Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, Mario & Sonic at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. They clearly were aiming to boost console sales with this lineup. But so far the strategy is not working and they are relying on Super Mario 3d World to help sell consoles.

So where´s exactely the "nintendo obsession with finding 1 game blah blah blah blah" , if they did launched several games ? That´s not their ordinary strategy, but it´s the only one they have right now.

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Videokameras said:
and what does ps4 and xbox one have for diversity?? well you can pick between shooters and racing games???

I'll bite. From Nov 2013, to the end of 2014 -

Action-Adventure - Action RPG, Stealth, Survival horror, Hack and Slash
- First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter, Shoot em up, MMOFPS
Role Playing Games
- Action RPG, Turn Based RPG, Strategy RPG, MMORPG
Strategy Games -
Real-time strategy, Turn Based Strategy
Racing Games -
Sim Racer, Arcade Racer

- Dance
Open world/Sandbox
Simulation -
Business Sim, Combat Flight Sim
- Fitness, Party Games

I'd list the games but yeah.. look it up on Google. I'm sure you'll find a few hits :P

what if GTAV was wii U exclusive...

Mummelmann said:

You know it's a cold day in hell when Reggie and I see eye to eye on any subject, he seems to understand the concept of tapping into the market constant through breadth of software but his Eastern fellows have a long way to go, just shows that they can't read the market.

Most of it is explained here;


Also; Videokameras, would you lay off already? Your constant talk about how shit the competition is is getting even older than the Wii U doom. "Only racers and shooters", try to at least use arguments from after 2007.

Holy sh*it! That's not a wall of text, that's the Great Wall of Chine Wall of text!

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Soundwave said:


Worth a read, Emily Rogers is a big Nintendo fan and one of the better gaming writers on the net IMO: 



This is interesting:

Iwata in 2003:

"Iwata replied,”I think the biggest problem we were having was that thinking (that) one single software can make a great change on hardware sales. But we have come to realize by now that the circumstances have changed. No single software can do it, but rather, Nintendo, or more specifically GameCube, does need a great variety of different software which must be put into the market at appropriate intervals.”

Iwata in 2013:

“One game has the power to change everything,” said Iwata during an October 2013 meeting with reporters.

Satoru Iwata explained to reporters, “The key title that is going to drive this year’s year-end sales season is Super Mario 3D World, the latest installment in the Super Mario series that is set to be released in November.”


Interesting. I think the Wii/DS will incredibly successful for Nintendo also taught Nintendo a lot of bad habits, namely that software diversity does not matter and that banking everything on 1 or 2 software titles to become a home run is the name of the game. Forget about a balanced lineup, if third parties join in, fine, if not who cares, keep swinging for that "one title" to hit your sales targets. 

Kind of like a baseball player who gets a home run, but starts to get sloppy afterwards swinging at everything trying to get another home run and forgets to bunt or make a simpler play. 

Glad you added opinion...

She is very unreliable when it comes to the accuracy of her information. That is why I do not believe a word she says. 1 out of 10 times kind-of-thing doesn't make you Michael Patcher... Or does it ;)

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I have to disagree with Rogers on two points. One, that Nintendo has pursued a get rich quick scheme with Super Mario 3D World at the expense of a diverse and robust line-up of games. In 2013 we got party games, puzzle games, sports games, a fitness game, several action and action-adventure games, a console RTS for goodness sake, and lots of platformers.

Second, that a single revolutionary or well-marketed piece of software can't push hardware sales in a meaningful way. A game like Super Mario 64 or Halo: CE or Wii Sports or Gears of War CAN win the hearts and minds of consumers and cause hardware sales to skyrocket.

That's a strange article. It gets a few things right, but is filled with hardcore stench.

1) Argument that Nintendo has shrunk the diversity of their software lineup over the last three generations (N64, GC, Wii). Makes no sense, because the Wii clearly expanded beyond what the GC had.

2) Argument over the lack of sports games, tying in with the overarching argument of "all they do is Mario". Portrays Wii Sports as a bad thing, even though it doesn't have Mario.

3) The "One game can change everything." argument. Picks a quote from post-GC failure when Nintendo had to provide an explanation for why Super Smash Bros., 3D Mario and Zelda didn't change fortunes; compares it to a quote prior to Wii U failure where Nintendo can still hope that 3D Mario, Mario Kart or SSB change the fortunes for the console. Different circumstances. Then comes Reggie's statement which doesn't disagree with "one game can change everything"; Reggie said what he did, because he probably knows that he has another GC on his hands. This console cannot be saved.

4) Argument that Mario is driving away the Wii audience. What an idiot she is. The Wii audience bought Mario. The Wii U itself is driving away the Wii audience. Think about this: All the time you hear someone saying that most people don't know what the Wii U is and think that it's a peripheral for the Wii. They don't care about it while assuming that it is at most a $100 purchase; when it is then explained to them that it is a new console and $300 purchase... yeah, good luck with selling something that people don't even want for $100; always remember that one important thing that got the Wii audience to buy the Wii was the fact that Nintendo did away with the dual analog controller. The Wii U is such a piece of trash.

5) Point about Disney. Well, genius, Disney had the feasible option to branch out by creating different labels. As such, most people who watch movies etc. don't have the slightest clue that Disney has something to do with them. On the other hand, Nintendo makes games for Nintendo systems. Thus they cannot hide their name from insecure teens and adults.

6) "If Mario is valuable, then why does the Wii U fail?" - That argument is pure idiocy.

7) Uses the N64 as an example of diversity done right. *facepalm*

8) Pretends that Nintendo has been releasing one Wii U game every two or three months. In reality, Nintendo has put out at least one game per month since June, most of which weren't Mario.

In summary, I don't get this mindset. There are points made that current Nintendo is doing things wrong, but then a console like the N64 is declared to have it right. And why in the world is the Wii U itself ignored as a real problem?

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That Iwata quote came from before Nintendo shipped Wii Sports.

It's not that a single, breakthrough title can't transform fortunes in the market, it's that creating those breakthrough titles is incredibly hard.

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Its not a single game and this is where nintendo is failing. Its support to have a verity of games for many people. Mainly 3rd party support. Without it, its a dream...cast.


The Wii is an exception with the gimmick of motion controls, because who didnt play bowling? Nothing like that for Wiiu.


LiquorandGunFun said:

Its not a single game and this is where nintendo is failing. Its support to have a verity of games for many people. Mainly 3rd party support. Without it, its a dream...cast.


The Wii is an exception with the gimmick of motion controls, because who didnt play bowling? Nothing like that for Wiiu.

yes and no. Yes Wii had that breakout hit, but no it did have 3rd party support...just different