Honestly, do you like me??

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Do you like toastboy?

Hell yes 18 21.69%
With no doubt in my mind 1 1.20%
He should settle things f... 13 15.66%
I like bagels not toast 51 61.45%

that was my joke^
I enjoy your revolut..ion causing threads.

darn 3ds....i mean you make fum threads other than this one.

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Honestly, I don't know.

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First World Problems.

Nope I don't like you. I hate most of your threads lately, and so do many others..

I was going to get angry until I saw who the OP was...

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Needs more Nintendoom threads.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

    I don't like ya, toasty.. Your threads are pretty toasted all around....

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i dont realy understand you , i dont know if you want to troll sony or troll mixrosoft or if your intention is not trolling and you realy are that way.

i dont dislike you, you are just a guy that needs attention.


I like you but I tend to dislike anybody that makes a thread asking what people think about them. It's the internet. Who gives a shit who likes you or not!? You're the exception to the rule, though.

I also dislike pandas. I'm the reason they have black eyes.

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yes...you are one of the people who keep this forum intresting and fun