Does anyone here regret their handheld color choices?

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nope i love my blue fire emblem 3ds.

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Red is my favourite so I'm really happy with my red 3DS and every day I am frustrated that I did not get the red Xbox 360.

Aqua Blue launch model. Kinda disappointed that midnight purple wasn't released outside of USA. Also disappointed at not winning the limited edition Toad colour scheme. Looked awesome and half of the winners chucked them straight on ebay. I would have used it despite it's collector's value.

pokoko said:

I quite like my white Vita. It has a measure of elegance to it, I think, and doesn't feel too bright. I also like that fingerprints are not an issue.


Ive got to admit I find the white Vitas very attractive.

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I have the Zelda 3DS and the Pikachu 3DS XL so they don;t count I guess. I never have really regretted the colors I've bought. I picked out the color I liked most at the time. Its just that they usually release a better color after I've bought mine (Purple 3DS).

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I'm stuck buying a purple 3DS, cause they ran outta stock for all other colors, and cause I was stuck at my 2 month summer job.

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If black isn't available, I won't buy it.

jigokutamago said:
Don't like the color of my expensive portable gaming system = first world problem

Just like pretty much every other discussion around here. What did you expect?

OT: Got a white 3ds and I really don't like its colour. Wish it was blue or red, green, black... anything really. It's just so dull.

Nah, i always purchase them in black so i wont get tired of the color.

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Aqua blue here...
If purple was available at launch I would have gone with that...
And I recall hearing that they would eventually release an orange model, but I suppose that never happened...
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I don't believe any of them we released outside of Japan (possibly the KH one but I really doubt it)...
Please google them so we can all gush together...

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