Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does anyone here regret their handheld color choices?

Keep in mind, I'm talking about long term standard SKUs, not limited edition Mario/Zelda/Pokemon themed consoles or anything along those lines.

GBA SP - Dark Blue, wish I had the Flame Red one, it wasn't that I didn't like it, just seemed a little too ordinary in stark contrast.

Standard 3DS - Ice White, only got it because the Purple model wasn't released outside of NA, and the Aqua Blue model was out of production and remaining stock is grotesquely overpriced. Better tone to it than the white DS Lite, but I was sort of expecting it to have a more silvery tint, if that makes sense. Extended family already had the Red and Black models too, so yeah...


Anyone else feel the sentiment of what I'm trying to say?

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I got a black 3DS. I've gone black. I'll never go back.

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I normally get the systems in their Default colours so people know what you got if they're a nerd, not cover things up in some weird decals that ruin the systems original design, I trust the makers for the most part.

I rock a:
-Piano Black psp1000
-Nes coloured GBA micro
-original model Vita
-Black 3dsxl
-Gray DSlite
-N-Gage in it's original mackerel colours

They are the most recognizable to others imo in their original advertised colours, and I like it to be known that I'm a filthy nerd with baby sitting tools while having a tea/coffee in a cafe here.

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I've never really regretted it when I was little because I was grateful for what I got, and by the time I started buying my own, I knew what color I would want.

I've bought 3, 3DSs all because of color/design you tell me, lol.

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Hmm I don't really regret my color choices. In fact I love them, and that means the GB Micro too, which is Famicom colored..... I really, really love the theme. Japanese Club Nintendo members could get another faceplate with II player sign on it. A very small difference from the normal, and of course VERY expensive to get hold of now.

And I don't have that faceplate... but it's a real Nintendo collector's item.


I quite like my white Vita. It has a measure of elegance to it, I think, and doesn't feel too bright. I also like that fingerprints are not an issue.


I've only bought one handheld. It is the crimson red DS Lite. This is the bundle i got and it is beautiful.

My white vita with the Persona 4 Golden face cover looks alright.

Don't like the color of my expensive portable gaming system = first world problem