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The best - The free estimations

The worst - Gang mentality on the forums

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Best: Organization of the sight and its community
Worst: Seriously the banning system makes this feel like we are in a police state...

Best thing: seeing different points of views from all over the world. It helps to open my mind, that's for sure.

Worst thing: I can't log on when I'm sleeping.

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Best thing about the site is teh sales chartz, of course.

Worse thing about the site is the overwhelming amount of people that use periods in their thread titles.

Best thing: Less people going full retard

Worse thing: The game covers are broken (I like the game collection thing. lol)

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Best thing: Good estimates on a lot of things
Worst thing: Clearly wrong estimates on a lot of things, World of Warcraft for PC for example.

Best things: Sigs, Gifs, Epic community
Worst things: Using this site on a phone, Trying to link Youtube Videos and getting around the user profile panel is a bit wonky at first...


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Best: Clearly me.
Worst: People not appreciating me as their supreme overlord.

Best & Worst thing: Me.

The best thing about here is me and the worst thing here is JayWood2010's threads that try to tell the community to change and be better. your new here so you probably dont know jaywood. he is a good user. but those threads are lame