what upcoming 3ds games are you looking most forward to?

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Bravely Default.

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I'm mostly looking forward getting some old 3DS games, actually! I just got mine two weeks ago, and I have quite a few games left to play ;)

That being said, as of right now, I don't think a single game has me intrigued for 2014 on 3DS... Hopefully that'll change.

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tiffac said:

Been waiting for this one for a long time. Like a love letter to Square of ol'.

Nothing. Getting smash bros for wiiu so not counting the 3ds version

sc94597 said:

1. Monster Hunter 4
2. Dragon Quest 7
3. Bravely Default

what???dragon quest 7 is coming?

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Kirby Triple Deluxe

Yoshi's New Island

Persona Q

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BasilZero said:
Bravely default
Kirby triple deluxe
Yoshi new island
Super smash bros
Persona Q

man!!arent you depressed??no zelda game announced for 3ds for 2014.+do you like the lego series.cause 2 lego games are coming and lots of megaman game coming.

whats this yoshi game everyone talking about?

1. Bravely Default
2. Smash Bros
3. Monster Hunter 4
4. One Piece Unlimited World Red
5. Zelda Link Between Worlds

Have yet to get Zelda, hoping one Piece gets localized, and not sure yet on if will get Smash. Will be getting it for Wii U for sure, not yet decided if for 3DS yet as well or not.

Smash Bros, my 3DS has grown a coat of dust in its wait for the game. Having Smash Bros on the go would crazy fun, It would ensure that I would get nothing accomplished until... the batteries die :P

I'm always looking forward to getting an action game, something like Ninja Gaiden or DMC (if something like this is already on 3ds please let me know), either that or just ports or NG and DMC.