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just got back from bb where I failed to grab a ps4.

500 consoles gone in under an hour.

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Must be the brack bundaruu effect. Seriously though, 500 consoles in half an hour? That's just crazy.

How do you know it was 500 consoles?

The Ps4 struggle is real.

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the store Iwent to had 90 the nearest 5 toltaled 500.
total district was about 1200 all gone except the stoe in the ghetto

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PS4 effect

@figgy cuz I waz there 2 days ago where I saw the stock on their pc

My brasilian friend trying to buy 3 consoles... just for PS4 22pm.


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Was today an official "BACK IN STOCK" day or something?

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@etho wow midnight lines 4 weeks in...
@darth yeah every store got huge shipments and thry all held for today. theyve had them for 2 days now