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Maybe this thread is too early but i was just wanting thoughts on why nintendo is dominating with 3ds but not so much with wii u. They seem to have the same stategy for both systems. Now i will admit the strategy for 3ds is allot further along while it seems like the wii u has just got started but still its the same type of games marketed at the same crowd.Both have very little third party support. One system sales like crazy and the other collects dust... Doesnt make much sense. Is it price? Wii U game library is not great yet?  Maybe people get all the nintendo they need with the 3ds?????  What do ya think??

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Just wait some months.

I'll ask the same question I did in another thread:

What does Wii U have that 3DS doesn't that is worth $300?

Way more competition in the home console space.

the difference is that the few third party support for th 3ds are exclusives. and great ones

Monster hunter 4
Dragon Quest
Resident evil: revelations (time)
Project X zone
Bravely default
Shin Megami Tensei IV

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Cause the 3ds has no competition? But the wiiU does

But in 2014... the wiiU should pick up sales... 


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Noone cares about the Vita, but loads of people care about the PS4 and the Xbone.

The real question is, what do the xbone and ps4 have that the Vita doesnt?

Videokameras said:

The real question is, what do the xbone and ps4 have that the Vita doesnt?


Where it came from, I have no idea.

Why are people trying to pull the "competition" card?

Wii had competition, so did the PS2. As did every other system and product out there. Someone is bound to take the market by storm and be the leader.

3DS would be doing well with or without competition and Wii U falling short in sales (at the moment) has little to do with Sony & Microsoft.