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hinch said:

Ok.. didn't expect that lol.

Borderlands - Telltale.

Surprised about that as well xD!


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The pogo jump lives! That's something...I guess.

This is a failure already.

I dont kno why people expectec something else, it was so obvious -_-

People don't like Donkey Kong anymore????

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Wow, Nintendo did not give a shit.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Reggie is stoned lol. Is he still there?

Congratulations Nintendo, you had the worst reveal of the night. Why did they even go to VGX?

EDIT: Lol, even the hosts are disappointed with the reveal.

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Let the rants begin about this. I guess they really delayed DK for this "reveal."

Feb 21st.... so many games in Feb to March.