Ni no Kuni 2 for PS4 announcement coming tomorrow !!!

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According to a guy working in namco of america(a friend of mine) they are going to upload a site tomorrow midnight for ni no kuni 2 it will be exclusive for PS4 

My informations are 100% accurate !!!

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suure always trust the internet....

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awesome if true but you don't have any credibility. sorry.

Suggest you safe your balls if that isn't true.

It better look like the anime like exact 1:1, ninokuni on ps3 is pretty close to looking exactly like the anime


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Stake your account on it.

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Crosby_87 said:
Stake your account on it.


Pls make stuff like this bannable. My heart can't take it.

Please be true.....If false you will never have credibility here,

yes he really works in namco , i believe he doesn t lie to me. I have told he how i love ni no kuni so he sent me a message on my email some minutes before. If this is a joke i will not speak to him when he will return to greece