So who WON the Black Friday Week????

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Which of the Major 4?

Nintendo 368 64.45%
Microsoft 80 14.01%
Ouya 33 5.78%
Sony 90 15.76%

Wheres all the Nintendo doom people at. 3DS is selling better than I ever imagined and the Wii U is picking up a ton of steam now that SM3DW and the Mario Bundles are out. With the Wii U 2014 lineup, I am pretty sure the Xbox/Playstation fanboys are going to be crying in a corner, wondering why no one wants their "powerhouse" console.

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According to South Park .... Xbox and Bill Gates.


Playstation = The Beast from the East

Sony + Nintendo = WIN! PS3 + PSV + PS4 + Wii U + 3DS

Nintendo without a doubt... The 3ds basically killed everything


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j/k Nintendo won, even if the Wii U sold zero copies it would have thanks to a little handheld.

Nintendo, no doubt. Despite the Wii U getting the backburner treatment against all other home consoles, Those 3DS sales take the cake. Nintendo sold about 1.81M with all consoles and handhelds combined, with Sony at 1.66M (according to the VGC charts)

Still, while the 3DS and PS4 are on the top, the Wii U and PSVita are looking really really grim. I wonder what both companies will do cause the relevance for both, especially the PSVita, is running out.

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Unless 3DS is overtracked by 400k, it doesn't even matter whether it's over or not. Those sales are massive. The DS sure didn't hit 700k in the US for Black Friday in 06 or 07.

^Nintendo is already doing stuff, it's only a matter of time for the Wii U. I didn't expect Wii U to do well now because it's competing against all the people buying PS4's and Xbox One's. What's important is that the numbers increase compared to when they were at they worse and stay higher; even if the other systems still do better, that doesn't necessarily mean the Wii U is doing bad anymore, it just means the gaming industry is doing better in general, if that makes sense.

To throw some numbers in, if the Wii U now sells 100k worldwide every week on average for the next 3 months, that's a LOT better than before; but even if the PS4 and Xbox One somehow manage 200k a week worldwide (which no offense, I'm shaky about due to supply issues and the fact that launch hype/sales WILL die down), I see that as more of "the Wii U is doing well, but relatively poorly", not "the Wii U is doing bad".

Anyhow, the fact that 3DS isn't a new system and is putting up those numbers is crazy, I hardly believe it. I guess part of it is the miracle of handhelds--that and there were some serious good deals with the 3DS XL and 2DS's. What I mean by the "miracle of handhelds" is just that handhelds are easier to get bigger numbers IMO; the systems are generally cheaper than consoles and families are much more likely to own multiple consoles.

I mean, I alone own 2 3DS's and want to get a 3rd one, and my sister also has one--by contrast, it's usually rather silly and uncommon to have two PS3's in the same house unless there are some special circumstances. I also have a Vita, but I can't ever see my sister getting one because she's not a mid-core or hardcore gamer and most of the titles don't appeal to her.

Anyhow, I'm kind of scared to see how Super Smash Bros. is going to affect this all--I really want the Wii U version to do well (I kinda wish the Wii U one would come out a month earlier to get people to buy Wii U's lol, I'm one of those guys) but in all seriousness I can totally see a lot of college students etc. getting 2DS's or 3DS's to play Smash which might come to like, a $150-160 rig or so, which is not too bad considering how popular Smash is. It's portable which makes it convenient and it's an awesome multiplayer game, if they have good online 3DS Smash might become a highly portable eSport lol (there was talk about it being included in Major League Gaming or something :P).


did you see those 3ds numbers?

Nintendo with the 3DS, no idea why people are voting Sony. They were practically nonexistent for Black Friday with their "Big 3" losing every category.

If the answer is not obviously "The 3DS!" in your mind then there is definitely something wrong with you. Or, your reading comprehension skills aren't all too well. So, 3DS, of course.

I wish Ouya won, though.

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