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Post what are the top 5 things you want to see in the next 50 years happen (example: cure cancer, make a spider pig etc).

1. New gen of batteries

- I'm talking batteries that can make a smart phone last for months on a single charge and a recharge only takes minutes. Also affordable batteris that can power homes and actually last a very long time.

2. Portable flying machine

- A device of some kind that can fit on you or even a small vehicle about the size of a smart car that can fly.

3. Update your mind

- Things like recording your dreams, being able to have lucid dreams every night and remember everything, you can make a site and call it Dreamtv, people upload there dreams to the internet $_$. Also being able to remember things in more detail and farther back in the past, things like that.

4. Real virtual reality gaming

- Being a programmed world, with programmed scenarios where everything is so realistic you barely know your in a game. Just imagine being kratos. This would elimate the need of a tv aswell.

5. A new fucking energy to run vehicles (NO MORE FOSSIL FUELS)

  - I suppose I can settle with electricity for now since I can imagine it'll get more and more popular and soon evenough everyone will have one, but one day it would be great if you can just poor some water in your tank and go for days. 50 years away may be way to early for something like that.

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I like you're list mostly. But #5 is solved by #1 and that would also be my #1.

Additionally you could alter your #5 to be in general a new way to generate electricity. I'd like to see some super sunlight capture and/or microwave energy capture.

There's an endless supply of energy stemming from space/sun/stars that is just whizzing past/through us daily. If we could capture it in some meaningful manner, we'd be permanently stocked full of energy.

1. Nuclear fusion. Near limitless cheap energy

2. Fantastic battery technology to take advantage of said energy (I would go the solar route if I had more than 50 years)

3. Moves to set up perment moon or mars colonies

4. Self driving flying cars

5. Star Trek style conversational computer


I don't really want virtual reality gaming, it then becomes too real and I feel there is a point where I don't want to be doing thinks like killing once it becomes too realistic

I have also left out the more social things, like better healthcare and less poverty etc, since that has less place on a gaming site

New wars. Wars=>science and technology make leaps ahead

1 - Better use of worldwide space.

Get rid of the useless "city" actual model and begin to construct much more enlarged city, with way, way larger space. So everybody could be owner of big houses for almost nothing and could have bigger space to live with their families. We don't need the actual model, people can communicate all the way they want, information circulate easily, technology is upthere to make up for the lacks of proximity in the production of goods and service.

Plus we are 7 to 8 billion people on earth, we need much more SPACE than our old fashion cities can provide. Really it would make everyone happier, and the life being much more bearable. 

2 - With 1 in mind, end of the society of consumption regarding food.

Learn to eat, and eat what you really need. Eat what come from your garden the most you can. That will stop over use of ressource and stop health and obesity problems.

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Many of the suggestions would be great to see.

Although I highly doubt it will happen, I'd like space exploration to move out of first gear it has been in for a couple decades and see some big leaps. I hope to see a human on Mars and maybe Titan. Also hopeful for telescopes with James-Webb pushing what we can see.

Most of my "wishes" have already been said:

  • Newer and cleaner power sources_ Things like better solar cells or nuclear fusion.
  • Better batteries_ Not only for electric cars but also for mass transport vehicles like trucks or even better, those really big and fuel hungry container ships.
  • More focus on space research_ The International Space Station is 10 years old already and I'm not even sure its already finished. Better and bigger space stations are needed as well as lunar (or even mars) colonies.
  • Nanotechnology/nanomachines_ I'd love to see nanobots used for medical purposes. They could take care of common diseases (heart attacks, cancer/tumors, etc.) and allow us to live longer.
  • Better disaster prediction_ Being able to correctly predict earthquakes or volcanos at least 2-3 days before they happen.


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