Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Sony actively sabotaging the Vita through PS+? I got a Vita months back.

I wanted Uncharted for it, never found it at my local store, I've waited a bit.

Lo and behold, I got PS+...ok, doesn't hurt.

Bam...Uncharted Golden Abyss...ok, cool, don't need to buy it.

Stealth looked interested, was thinking of buying it...BOOM! On PS+.

Riiiight then...too bad I didn't buy a version of the Jak & Daxter collection with cross buy...PS+ again .

Guacamelee looks int....oh.

Little Big Planet Kar.....oh COME ON!

Every game I was interested in buying for the Vita so far...Sony has gifted to me via PS+. I feel spoiled.

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they're trying to bring more people to the console, and those of us that already have the system, get spoiled with free game.

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Persona 4? Dragon's Crown? Tearaway?! Get on that!

Watch this space - counting down to the GOTG soon

I Check out PSN+ free games monthly. All of the big Vita games were offered free so far, except for Persona4G, and that one was on sale. Who has PSN+ and buys games for his Vita willingly?

littlebigplanet karting isnt on the vita......

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bananaking21 said:
littlebigplanet karting isnt on the vita......

My bad on that one, just checked the Vita and it's not.

More like de-sabotaging then

Pure marketing at its best. (1) You bought a Vita, (2) Here are some of the best games Vita has to offer, FREE. (3) you love them, Soul Sacrifice , Guacamelee, as an example, you then go download their PAID DLC. cha-ching.
PS+ is a great introduction to the Vita, and it looks like Sony is making a killing with Digital DLC. Its a win win for them and the gamer.

Its sort of the F2P model. The idea is get as many people playing the game as possible after the initial batch of people who were anticipating it already picked it up. Developers make their money for each free game downloaded from what I'm understanding. I think Sony takes a portion of every $50s gained from Dev allowing their game to be part of the IGC to pay them. Or Sony is giving them a set lump sum to allow their game to be free for a certain time interval. So this is lucrative for the Dev. Less fear of not selling well, and garanteed profit.

It also helps games that struggled at retail anyway (like LBP Karting) gain a following. This helps each game's potential sequel as more people are familiar with the franchise. Infamous is more of a household name for this reason and I think this has much to do with Second Son's spike in popularity. I also think it encourages buyers to spend on DLC, which is usually pure profit, as the barrier cost of entry was almost non existent.

The one strong adverse effect of this is I have noticed many hold off on buying ......ANYTHING because they assume it will be a PS+ title. Guacamelee or recent, many gamers purposely neglected for this reason. I think Sony should wait longer after a game releases before giving it up for free. It kinda makes me mad to see a good game sell less for this reason, but maybe this is Ok with Sony/Devs.

Unless of course the game is failing anyway like PASBR, Puppeteer, orLBP Karting. Gaucamelee was successful, still is even tho its free now.

Sony did also give Mutant Blob away for free (same Dev as Melee) which actually was why I payed attention to the game. I bought it on sale and loved it.

Somehow, some way...... the Instant Game Collection is working out for everyone it seems.



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pezus said:
Persona 4? Dragon's Crown? Tearaway?! Get on that!

^THIS + Y's:Memories of Celceta? Killzone:Mercenaries? Rainbow Moon? Soul Sacrifice(also now free with PS+)? Smart As..?