Could Paul Walker Death Have Connection With The Illuminati,Brian Death From Family Guy & Micheal Hastings ?

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I'm not sure if this discussion has been made or not but i would like to discussed on this topic since it quite intrigue to me. I so sad when i hear the news of Paul Walker death since he is one of my favourite celebrity doing the Fast & Furious franchise movies. However it strikes me kind of awkward when Paul Walker,Brian From Family Guy & Micheal Hastings death occured on the same year and their deaths of incidents were car accidents ( not sure if someone been run over by a car is even called as a car accidents ). It even make me thinks more when brian death occured after Paul Walker death. I know Brian is a fictional character or what not but could the creator of Family Guy do this intentionally or there is purpose behind it.

Of course i am not gonna make my own theory cause i don't know much of this illuminati stuff but i will provide you a link to some source speculating if the connection of the 3 person death could somehow related to the work of illuminati.

Here are some people that thought of their own theory :

Genesis :

It was a ritual sacrifice….

Take todays train wreck as an example–

63 injured 3–6′s = 666

6+3 = 9

11 people injured = 9-11

Just as Paul Walker died at age 40 in a 9-11 Porsche

4 people killed in the train accident– Walker 40 + 4 = 44 = Obozo -He better be careful!

6 days ago, All over the news was “Brian is dead” from Family guy–Paul Walker played Brian in the Fast and Furious franchise..

None of this is a coincidence…Welcome to the Matrix!

Blazemedic68 :

Just a thought… If you watch the Brian dying clip of Family Guy… there is a clear #18 made buy the goal and the hockey stick in the road. Consider this…

Paul Walker is 40
He died on 11/30th.
cancel the zeros
7+11 (November)=18

Also 1134 upside down is hell. This very well could have been a satanic sacrifice. I don’t buy the accident story.

Praise be to Jesus! Maranatha.

Homeowner Of Record :

OK…Here is my opinion of the wreckage. Creds: Former fully certified automotive tech, have restored many wrecked cars in the past, worked on every part of a car imaginable and was also a structural welder working with various metals & equipment design. By examination any wrecked vehicle will give more information than an autopsy without making a single cut or removing samples.

Unless this car was traveling 200 MPH and hit a cement truck, it would not look like this. The car they were driving was a hundred times more secure than James Dean’s Porche Spider in 1955. This car could hit a guardrail at 50 MPH and the driver walk away if all retraints were working at moment of impact.

The back view of the car as seen at 24 seconds is spread open as if from high exposives in the passanger area, most likely behind the seat or immediately behind in the front of engine compartment. Due to the burned remains of even separated pieces of the car, an incendiary device was part of the composition, although probably not the primary explosive.

Notice how all of the metal is pushed out “uniformly”. That was not from jaws of life by any stretch of the imagination. Also the engine is separated from the rest of the car from the explosion. Outer damage to the front of the car is minimal too if you take notice. 99 percent of serious wrecks involving only one car have primary damage in front due to highest momentum is achieved going forward, not spinning out or sliding sideways.

Would love to have a close up look at the vehicle layed out like plane wreckage in a hanger. Would take only a moment to confirm this well evidenced suspicion of murder. It would take about ten minutes to confirm the exact cause whether it be C-4 or a homemade device. The shrapnel debris imbedded throughout the car would be a dead giveaway. This car will disappear like Michael Hastings to never be seen again, claiming family wanted rid of it or it was accidentally recycled.

Put all that together with Paul’s immersion in disaster response in the Philippines where he is said to have evidence of mass sterilization of the citizens who receive treatment or aid and you have more than ample reason for MURDER. The money part if real…payoffs to local gov’t to facilitate the culling of their own people.

Betcha Bill Gates could shed some light on this…but he will not publically since he has been involved in similar programs in Africa. Did you ever notice how when they vacinate a town in Africa how all of a sudden theire is a Pandemic of Aids even among previously healthy young children? My money is on Paul Walker tripping over Agenda 21 and not being able to walk away without putting it all on the line in real life.

Just wait…there will be discoveries made of him having a secret life of debauchery or anything to discredit him that his friends & family will strongly deny. Paul obviously did not fit the typical holywood stereotype in all he attempted to do to help others without seeking publicity. A good man who’s legacy should be THE TRUTH of what he was onto & who did this to him.

Thanks Susan. Great video.
And yes, his brakes (or steering) could have been tampered with for good measure.
That would be used to explain loss of control on a straight stretch of road. ALL B.S.
Driver was skilled in racing Porche’s…not likely he screwed up on a city street at normal speed.
Sincerely, “A Jack Of All Trades & Master Of Some” AKA: “Homeowner Of Record”

Here is a link to this story :



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Dude...come on

i would love to know how they can derail a train to kill and hurt a specific # of people. thats gotta take some massive mathematical calculations


edit:  and by the way on reading that.. CNN has atleast 67 injured..   YOU FAIL

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Ha.. i won my bet, but i wasnt around to gloat because im on a better forum!  See ya guys on Viz

oh yea but i will add, if you wanna make things fun. Seth mcfarlane had "trouble" getting to the airport, and was late which kept him from boarding a plane. That plane subsequently crashed into the north tower on 9/11

I am Torgo, I take care of the place while the master is away.

"Hes the clown that makes the dark side fun.. Torgo!"

Ha.. i won my bet, but i wasnt around to gloat because im on a better forum!  See ya guys on Viz

This post was made 44 minutes ago.
Its the 12th month
44 + 12 == 56.
Add another 610 for no reason and you get 666.

Its the devils work confirmed.

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Hundreds of people die every day in car accidents around the world.

The deaths of 2 people and 1 cartoon in car accidents don't make their deaths special at all.

Please excuse my bad English.

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Half-Life 3 confirmed?

I didn't even read the thread due to the fact that someone out there thinks the death of Brian in Family Guy is connected to a real life death.

So you guys think i am trolling ? I just share what i found lmao. Beside this is just speculation and not 100% true at all. I just think it interesting i share this one.


User should be permabanned for spoiling Family Guy.

I now hate the OP BTW.