How do you feel about Skyward Sword?

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How do you feel about Skyward Sword?

Best Zelda Game hands down 29 12.61%
An excellent, top tier Zelda game 83 36.09%
A decent entry in the Zelda franchise 56 24.35%
A bit of a disappointing Zelda game 29 12.61%
A very disappointing Zelda game 20 8.70%
The Worst Zelda game hands down 13 5.65%

Skyward Sword is one of the most polarizing Zelda games. Some fans sound their horns in praise, while some are more critical. It's now a bit older, and any initial hype has worn down. Many people (myself included) have had a chance to play it twice. So what do you think of it?


Skyward Sword is overall a disappointment to me. It has my two all time favorite dungeons in a Zelda game, and some very cool sections, but the EXTREME padding, lack of exploration, hand holding, and back tracking ruin it for me.


So what is the VGcharters general opinion of the game?

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I feel they should make an HD remaster of that game...

I think they should have released it, in HD, for the Wii U's launch.

As for the game itself, I think it's a great game, with a good story and a charming universe. But the game was too linear and had way too much hand holding. But it had some great ideas, good concepts, a great visual style, good dongeon designs, and gameplay was fun. Certainly not the best in the series, but it's a great game.

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The hand holding and the entire beginning of the game really ruined the experience for me. I haven't played all the Zelda games, so I can't say it's the worst ever, but it definitely is my least favorite of the Zelda games I have played.

Too easy and too cheesy. Not a bad game though

My favorite Zelda, and this is coming from someone who has played every single entry in the series besides Zelda 2.

Estelle and Adol... best characters ever! XD

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Its an ok Zelda game however an excellent game compared to what majority of what the game industry produces these days... I liked it a lot but its worse than most console zelda's imo... 80/100... If they took out the mandatory motion controlls, I think I would have liked it a lot better


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I love it. I can get over the hand holding.

This is the 2nd time I play it and the sword motion controls just get better every iteration of playing it.
I am in love with the art in the game and agree with Hynad that it would greatly benefit from an HD remaster, though it looks gorgeous on the WiiU gamepad.

I'm a fan of the upgrade system and just in general love the game.

One of the best video games of the 7th generation, and the second best Zelda behind Ocarina.

Immersive controls, remarkable level design, and that magic that only the best Nintendo games have.

A decent great addition to the series.

Motion controls were fine (this and Mario Galaxy were the only games I was fine with motion controls) but I didnt like the parts where you had to connect the key piece to the door of a boss.

Loved the atmosphere of the game, liked how Link and Zelda were, the new characters added were great too. Flying mechanics were OK but I felt like it was a drag going from area to area but nothing TOO bad. The upgrade system was a plus - really enjoyed that. The puzzles were well done as always.

Hated Fi with a passion telling me to heal up and to change my batteries + the recalibration of my wii mote + add on.

I would be fine with a HD remake of the game but I would prefer if they made a HD remake of TP before SS :P.

96 out of 100


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Dungeon design is excellent, presentation is excellent. The game has real problems, but I love it anyway. The controls worked well for me and I loved the combat. Seeing people praising Wind Waker's combat after playing that hurts my brain, and I love Wind Waker even more than I do SS.