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Here's a few examples: When Xbox One was announced, people we're defending the absolute embarrassing policies. 24 hour internet check in's and being unable to trade in games normally? How could you defend that? Forcing the Kinect upon consumers? Again, how could you defend that? People who defended Nintendo taking down let's play videos and not allowing Smash at EVO. It's restricting the consumers to do what they want with their products and taking away essentially free advertising. Also, there was Nintendo bringing out the Wii Mini, which is essentially a rip-off and yet people were defending it and saying it was a "bargain." Sony forcing us to pay for online in order to play multiplayer on PS4. Mind you, PS plus is a good deal considering all the free games you get, BUT I shouldn't have to pay in order to get the best possible online experience. Yet people we're defending this. EA incorporating the online pass into titles and putting microtransactions into their games. Not to mention the DRM. People again defended this. I might be a hypocrite because I damage control the Wii U all the time, but somethings you just can't defend. I'm not going to defend Nintendo essentially screwing us over for the first half of 2013 or the fact that they barely marketed their console. Why do people feel the need to defend their favorite company? We should criticize them and help them grow and become better and release better products. We should be bashing Sony and Microsoft for having large failure rates on their consoles. We should bash Nintendo for releasing their console prematurely with little to no killer titles.

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All signs point to the makings of a fanboy.

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That's why.

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Reminded me of this:


Sony having large hardware failure rate? That's news to me.

Reports easily available online point to the opposite: better than the electronics industry standards.

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most people need a big daddy,a god or
if atheistic-a god substitute,to lean on,to follow(just like the jogging people in
forrest gump)
Some kind of shiny role model or just the feeling to be be part of something bigger ,to compensate a complex or to compensate the will to power or just not to feel lonely
Call it a soccer club,a sports star,a historic person and sometimes it is a plastic producing corporation.

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Reminded me of this:


Was inspired by this and Shokio lol

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(Insert word you can't say here on VGChartz)

That's why.

exactly both nintendo and microsoft, get way too much defending, nintendo is a generation behind in hardware capability and microsoft is charging 500$ for a console 40% weaker then ps4.

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I'll find a way to deconstruct everybody's psychology ...

I don't have a PS4 yet so my opinion should be taken with a pinch of salt, but I'm struggling to see how mandating PS+ on PS4 has improved PSN, most of PSN's shortcomings on PS3 were because of the PS3's RAM allocation itself.

And chances are, if the games on PS+ interested me to that degree, I'd buy the retail versions.

Also, lol @ Nintendo getting a free pass on faulty hardware, really?

I get the point of the thread, just thinking out loud.