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Who Will Win 2014?


Nintendo Win

Nintendo 704,957k

Sony  441,192


se  U next week. thx

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Really? This is what it's come down to?

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Explain dem numbers please


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d21lewis said:
Really? This is what it's come down to?

doesn't ts take you 6-7 years back?;p

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What exactly are these numbers for ?

I'll find a way to deconstruct everybody's psychology ...

Sony: 4
Nintendo: U

Winner: banana.

Just reminding about Last Week...:

SONY: 1,454,115
PS4 1,071,807
PS3 176,696
PSV 159,868
PSP 45,744

Nintendo: 583,510
3DS 421,205
WiiU 77,210
Wii 70,428
DS 14,667

Last Week + This Week:
SONY: 1,454,115 + 441,192 = 1,895,307
Nintendo: 583,510 + 704,957 = 1,287,467

SONY wins... and on the next week the gap will get bigger, after that the shortages to SONY will come until march right? Might give Nintendo a chance to compete :P

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fatslob-:O said:
What exactly are these numbers for ?

From this site, Wi, Wii U, Ds ,3Ds Vs Ps3, Ps4 ,Psp ,Ps Vita

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BaldrSkies said:
Sony: 4
Nintendo: U

Winner: banana.

i always win!

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