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I wouldn't call a 5 meter limit remote... But yes it's a very nice seamless lag free experience. Click the - button and continue on the gamepad when someone else wants the tv.

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It can do it, but not well.  That's kinda the point here.

It is very much playable, are plenty of vids on youtube showing it.  The WiiU performs better on a technical level, but this idea on VIta it is anything less than playable to a more than acceptable standard is outright stupid.

No, it's not.  Sony staff themselves have stated that it's not ideal for some games, especailly ones that require quick reactions.  I can guarentee you if you are trying to play a platformer or shooter from your PS4 to PSV while in another city it will be less than what I would call an acceptable standard.  To suggest anything else is outright stupid.  But maybe your standards are low.

Another city is a stupid example.  Who is regularly that far from home?

People with lives? Friends? Well, those wouldn't really bother, so why would I, no? ;)

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It worked out well for them hasnt it?


Wii U is for me one of the best consols. PS4 and Xbox one are the same. Either you buy a Xbox one or the other. Both are stupid. Xbox one and Wii U is a good buying.

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Too bad it weighs twice as much as a Vita but isn't a real mobile device.

That's because its a controller with a touch screen.

Yes and that's all it is, no wonder a device of that size is best for remote play, it's all it does.

Yea! And it's one of the best ideas Nintendo has had. And that's saying a lot.