Eiji Aonuma wants the next Zelda to provide “a unique experience that is beyond your expectations”

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One thing the sales charts continuously prove is that lack of originality is the LAST thing to stop games selling.

yearly Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed.

every Pokemon exactly the same structure

People sub to WoW for 10 years

Well, Zelda is accused of being a stale rehash nomatter how much it changes, so the critics will say the same as you're saying about those other series. But even though A Link Between Worlds is panned for looking just like Link to the Past, reviewers treasure it for changing things up a little. Such positive buzz WILL generate sales.

I don't think reviews or the opinions of the hardcore affect game sales at all really.

Then what's the incentive to make a good game? They might not affect the sales of that game in particular, but they do affect the franchises image for future releases. 

Who says what reviewers and the core like = good game? They're a vanihingly tiny population compared to everyone that buys CoD or GTA.

Zelda isn't mainstream enough to appeal to casuals. This is mostly speculative, but I think most gamers who play Zelda are 'core gamers' or have some concept of what qualifies as a good game that aligns with 'core gamers'. 

It used to be. Be speculative some more and asnwer why you think it isn't mainstream any more? What happened and what is the cause?

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AshKetchum1992 said:
What if the next Zelda is like Four Sword Adventures, focused on multiplayer? That would be unexpected...

Then I'd die a little inside...

Arius Dion said:

It used to be. Be speculative some more and answer why you think it isn't mainstream any more? What happened and what is the cause?

It refused to become mindless like most of the rest of the games today .

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He's still trying to "surprise". Not giving people what they want but what he THINKS they want.

How about a really solid by-the-numbers Ocarina clone with maximum production value.

He already made that. It was called Twilight Princess and look how that sold. It's a dead end, not worth pursuing.

No it wasn't, Twilight princess was a launch game, not really a maximum production value  game by any means.

Twilight was a max production value GAMECUBE game that also happened to be ported to the Wii.

the_dengle said:

Come on guys, you only have to look at the history of the franchise to see what the next Zelda is going to be. But you have to understand that Aonuma cares about reception far more than he does sales.

He made Wind Waker -- in the present, everyone adores the game, but back then it was too different and everyone just wanted Ocarina of Time with better graphics. So he made Twilight Princess. People loved it before it came out, then they played it and thought it was too big and empty and not colorful enough. So he made Skyward Sword, which packed tons of content into smaller areas, and players said the areas were too small and there wasn't enough real exploration.

Go back to the time before and immediately following Skyward Sword's release. Aonuma and Miyamoto can't stop talking about the motion controls, and how they're almost certainly going to be used in future Zelda games. Now try to find an interview within the past 18 months in which the motion controls are mentioned once as a possibility for the future. The verdict came in, and they abandoned that idea.

You're all going to get your darker aesthetic, non-linear, non-motion-controlled console Zelda game. And then people will complain that it's too dark, too open, and not motion-controlled enough, and the whole thing will be derailed.

God I hate the Zelda fandom.

People never complained about Zelda being open. You're just making history up.

The emptiness was the problem, as it would have been in any game. That and the horrible way items were used in TP.


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killeryoshis said:
KungKras said:
Fuck you Aonuma.

How about actually meeting my expectations for once?

Now that would be a unique expereince from Aonuma

In all honesty a Zelda game with the freedom of zelda 1, item use and dungeon design and overeorld design of ALTTP, with Twlight Princess Production values (and muisc!) and the motion control of Skyward sword it will be the best zelda game never ever made :D

I'd buy that game.