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First off, I am a hardcore Sony fan, I am not afraid to admit it. Since the PSone, I have owned every Sony Playstation, even currently my Sony device list is as follows...

Sony Bravia TV

Sony PS3 (though admit I was late to the party)

Sony PS Vita (x2)

Sony Xperia Tablet S

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

I even have any Sony Laptop, and today I received my Sony PS4.


I think alot of it for me is nostalgia as the PSone was the first console I brought, with my own money from my very first pay cheque... but thats enough about Sony, im here to talk about XBox One.

Though I have a PS4, I wont be drawing too many comparisons yet as I havent been able to really use it as PSN just wont work atm (boo Sony, hiss!!!) but hopefully they will get that sorted tomorrow.


Lets start with, Console Designs

They both are pretty ugly, yes, you may love them, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But to me, they are ugly. The PS4 when I look at it makes me think of a console designed to look 'futuristic' but like it was done in the 80's, back when people thought we would have flying cars by now. Though I do like how they hid the buttons and USB ports on it, and the placement of the vents which tend to become a dust magnet.

As for the XBox One, it not any better, but also no worse. I was pleased to find as I unpacked it that it was actually smaller than I was expecting (both were in fairness), but some of the images I first saw of the console made it look enormous, I even had doubts it would fit on my shelf. Though the console was smaller than I was expecting, I had no idea the Kinect 2 would be that big!. I dont like the huge amount of vents, especially the great big on on the top. I dont want to leave it standing without cover it (when not in use of course) as im afraid of dust settling and getting inside the console. As for its general appearance, it does somewhat remind me of a VCR. 

One thing I have decided I dont like, is the power button (though its not a button at all) mainly as I have accidentally turned it on when covering it if a finger strays too close to it. Last night it turned on as I walked past it (it is close to where I walk past to get through the bedroom door, but still).

Verdict: If I had to choose one on appearance, I dont know, its hard to decide as im not keen on either. But simply due to vent placing and how im not so keen on the power button I would have to go with the PS4.



I have always been a fan of the DualShock, but will also be the first to admit it was left wanting for some game types (specifically FPS), and I would in the past buy a game for my XB360 over the PS3 just because I thought it would play better with the controller. But my favorite game is Tekken, and I have always been a fan of fighting games in general, and for this purpose the DualShock was far better than Xbox controller.

As for the new controllers, the DualShock has seen massive changes, most of which seem for the better. I like the triggers now (they were always very poor in the past and most FPS would simply ignore them in favour of using the L1/R1 buttons as Fire and ADS). The sticks have also been improved and feel much better, previously always feeling too loose and making fine adjustments awkward. I like the idea of the touch pad, though havent actually used it at all yet, but could become a useful addition down the line.

As for the XBox One controller, the adjustments were much smaller. I cant say any of the changes really seem for better or worse, the controller design has remained pretty much the same, the triggers feel nice and the sticks feel nice, and the placement just seems better for games that rely on Twin Stick usage. The two criticisms I would lay down, still no built in batteries, and they have changed the bumpers and a few times now during use I have gone to press them when under pressure and they dont press as my fingers push on the hinge point. I dont know if they moved where the hinge is or if this is a side effect of the controller being slightly smaller than previously, but this was never a problem I had with the previous XBox controllers.

Verdict: disregarding the battery issue, which is a nuisance more than anything detrimental or that will effect performance, I would have to give the edge to the XBox one controller as it feels better to use for a broader range of games. But the edge is significantly smaller than previously with the changes made to the DualShock



I always like the PS3 XMB, even though I know alot of people who dont. Its probably simply because I used it before the XBox dashboard and knew how to find what I wanted when I wanted it, yet always struggled with this when using the XBox dashboard. But my brother who used both is completely the opposite on this issue, who loved the XBox dashboard but was as useless with the XMB on the PS3 as I was with the 360's.

So far I have found the XBox Ones a vast improvement to the 360's (though again, I know alot of people who dont and have put criticism towards it). I find it alot easier to find what I want than I used too, the only problem I did have was finding out how to quit a game (I had to google it to find out) but I would had the same problem with the PS4 had it not been for the fact I found out how to do it with the XBox One.

Verdict: tie, though I would say improvement wise for me personnally, XBox One made improvements to what they had previously, where as Sony's doesnt reallt seem any better or worse than previous



I havent used the PS4 online yet due to PSN problems (though I was expecting these due to it being launch day in Europe). As for the XBox I have had no issues at all, I got it launch day and was playing CoD: Ghosts online within an hour of setting the console up (so Kudos to MS for atleast having a smoother launch online functionality wise). 

Both consoles now have a mandatory fee for online play, and PS Plus for the items you get for your money really shows MS up in that regard, but I hope that will change down the line. But at present where as PS Plus subscibers get games that may have only been out for 6 months, the Microsoft offers are games that are 6 years old.

Verdict: tie, if Microsoft step up the free games we get, I would give it to them. But for actual service so far, it would be Mircosoft due t PSN problems I have had, but for value for money, I would give it to Sony



Ok, I have no interest in camera's and wont be getting one for the PS4. In fact, when I found out the XBox One has a mandatory one, it actually made think of NOT buying the console as I simply didnt want it. My room is not suitable for camera use (which even if it was I wouldnt want one), and had they offered a Kinectless XBox One I would have got that over the other in a heartbeat. But as it stands im stuck with a Kinect, and so far the only use it has gotten is to Sign me into Live when it see's me, which I will grant I thought was pretty cool, but hardly worth having it for.

Verdict: no opinion as I dont want a camera! 



This is the big one, as anyone who buys one of these consoles does it for the games.

The games I got for PS4: Killzone, BF4

The games I got for XBox: CoD, Dead Rising 3

Firstly I wasnt expecting a massive graphical leap on this generation compared to the last. I wanted bigger games, 32 vs 32 player wars, more going on on screen at once, and with BF4 atleast thats what I got - so im happy.

But the game that has really stood out to me so far is (even to my surprise) Dead Rising 3. I played the previous ones and never really got into them, so even I was surprised to find myself having so much fun with this game so far. The amount of zombies that are on screen at once when I first saw it really made my jaw drop, and I have had immense fun trying to survive and sometimes get past them. I do wish it took a more serious tone and got rid of the comedy weapons, but to each their own as I know for a lot of fans thats what they like about Dead Rising. But I cant deny the immense fun I have had with this game so far.

I know there has been alot said about the comparable power of the two consoles, and how games are running at a higher frame rate or resolution to the other. To me the difference, though they are or maybe there, are so minimal its hard to even see them with a naked eye (mine atleast). I find it so peculiar that someone says one game is better than another due to it running at 5 frames faster. Granted, technically they are right, but are you really going to notice that? maybe its just me

Verdict: I cant call it, even if I consider the games we know are coming. PS4 has more coming that look good, but XBox has that one ace up its sleeve (Titan Fall) which still makes it to difficult for me to make a call. 



Final Thoughts

I was always going to get a PS4, it was never a doubt. I loved my PS3 and I know im going to love my PS4 even more. The XBox though I ordered it back in June, I was always umming and arrring as to if I would finally get it.  In fact it wasnt untl two days before it released I decided to get one, but one I havent regretted so far. When Microsoft had the DRM plans in place, that was a deal breaker for me, and had they not changed plans I wouldnt have got an XBox, but seen as they rescinded on that I was willing to reconsider.

Ok, the price is an issue for some  with the extra cost of the XBox, and based on this I would even say the PS4 is better value. But I wouldnt argue with anyone who went with there own console of choice as they both (from what I have seen myself) perform admirably in there own way. Disregarding the price I cant even say which one I think is better than the other, maybe 6 months from now that will change, time will tell I guess.


Now I have to make a new descision, Need for Speed for PS4, or Ryse for XBox One >.< my account toook a bit hit this month so can only afford one!

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It's always weird to see a writer try and prove their background before commenting.
Anyway, I recommend you buy neither of those games. Download some nice indies in your respective stores. Octodad, Hotline Miami, etc.

Very nice review

It's close to a tie for me as well. Hopefully things become clearer in the weeks to come.

theprof00 said:
It's always weird to see a writer try and prove their background before commenting.
Anyway, I recommend you buy neither of those games. Download some nice indies in your respective stores. Octodad, Hotline Miami, etc.

I guess it was just in case any bias come out, but tried to be impartial.


I have loads of indie games, currently playing Star Command and loving it! but can afford one more console game (also abit afraid to buy indie games on PSN in case they give it me free a month down the line, happened so many times already).

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

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Good review! It's a good system no doubt. I'm interested in seeing how it evolves.

Now for more important matters .... I challenge you to a duel, good sir. #TheKingOfIronFist.


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Fair review.

Get the free RESOGUN and have fun with one of the best launch games for these consoles.

Try to buy Octodad if you have some money... it is one of these games that makes you feel that you did the right choice when decided to be a gamer.

Fair review

I do believe though that the resolution difference has a big impact on the visual experience.

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god my eyes almost burned with that device list... I'm your photo negative :D

jokes aside...

nice to see someone trying to be fair... other than that I'd say NFS looking at your gamer's taste... and get KI free on XB for now....

Congrats on your new systems!  And get Ryse: Son of Rome.

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