Which side of your brain is more dominant? Left or Right?

Forums - General Discussion - Which side of your brain is more dominant? Left or Right?

Let's all take the test and share the results :P


Here's mine:

You are left-brained.

81% Left    19% Right

Your turn!

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I'm left brained.

72% to 28%

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

You use your brain equally.

47% left

53% right


seems a bit random though. Questions like wich leg you cross are silly cause its random. Some times one other times the other. At least for me lol.

41% left
59% right

She spins the direction I want too.

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You just made me wonder, who here is left/right handed? I'm left handed.


53 to 47. Pretty much what I expected.

59% - 41% Balanced.
The friend question through me off though, where is the picture with 1 empty circle...


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