Should i buy Rayman legends for $30 on black friday or wait for ps4 version?

Forums - Sony Discussion - Should i buy Rayman legends for $30 on black friday or wait for ps4 version?

i don't know what to do, rayman legends will be 30 bucks on black friday which is a good price but i want ps4 version but that means i have to wait 3-4 months

so not sure what i should do


I finally purchased Rayman legends for ps3(digital) , i didn't want to buy digital but still in canada the price is 60 but digital version for black friday is 30 so i decided to get digital version , i might buy it later on ps4 if it has more levels or vita mode.

i wanna support ubisoft to make these platformers but with these sales i don't think they make another rayman game, we'll see.

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Don't waste your time with the PS4 version. The game looks and plays fantastic on the ps3, so there is no need to dish out more money on the same game later on at a higher price. By the time it does come out, plenty of other games will also come out.

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PS3 Version is 1080p 60FPS, so graphically not much improvement.

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I would say just buy it now. The game is already at 1080p 60fps, don't know how the PS4 version will improve upon it from a visual/performance standpoint.

I had no idea there was a PS4 version. Only way I'd pick it up is if they added a bunch of music levels as those were a blast.

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Unless it gets Wii-U/Vita versions updates its not worth it.

PSP Lifetime more than PSV+3DS Lifetime.

The game will eventually hit $20 so why don't you wait unless you want to play it right now. Also, late Playstation ports are required to have some additional content regardless of the system, and that also might be the case with the PS4 release as well.

Vita version the best. Most content. Cheapest price.


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It will probably have some improvements, maybe will incorporate cross play with the Vita so those levels designed with Wii U in mind will play better than on the PS3.
I say, unless you don't have anything to play (since you didn't buy it yet I assume you're not dying to play Legends) wait until Feb for the PS4 version.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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Get it now, no point in waiting.