If we can't agree on who won last gen, who lost it ?

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Who finished last?

Wii 67 11.90%
PS3 212 37.66%
Xbox 360 283 50.27%

Okay so in terms of pure numbers, the Wii has won last generation. Then there are people who say that in term of revenue, either the X360 or PS3 won. Finally there are thos who say that in terms of image, reputation, following it's rather the PS3 that won.

So If we can't agree on who really won, according to those three criterias (sales, revenue, image), who do you think, lost last generation?

For me it was the X360, by little because it sold and a lot and was a great console. But in terms of sale they sold way less than the Wii, and even the PS3 even though it was released 1 year earlier.

Also in term of image, contrary to the Wii I think the X360 manage to build a great image but it didn't last as long as the today's PS3 which is still seing great releases (Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, GT6, Pupeteer, Personna 5, Gow Ascencion, Ni No Kuni...)

So by very little, Xbox 360 lost last generation.

But I think next generation is going to be very different between Wii U, Xbox One and PS4...

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its way to even i voted xbox lost because i like the ps3 exclusives alot more but honestley the sales are to close to choose a winner or a loser..

Playstation lost when it comes to profit.
Xbox lost when it comes to sales.

Games are subjective so Wii lost when it comes to flavor. If somebody asks you to taste their Wii, don't do it.

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Its clear that Sony lost a massive amount of marketshare last gen(over the previous gen), so I consider them losers, though they sold very well.

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profit, revenue, and units sold... obviusly Wii won last gen, Ps3 was a failure look the way you look at it, x360 well it at last sold a lot more than the original xbox so... Wii (1st place), xbox 360(2nd place) and Ps3 (Last place).

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Well sales wise 360 lost. But I'd say PS3 lost since they went from 150+ million and utter domination last gen to 80 million and pretty much a tie for 2nd this gen.

But they're back with the PS4.

Even if it is my favorite console out of the three, I can say without a doubt ps3 lost when compared to most measures of success.


Wii won. Playstation lost. Simple as that.

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In business, those terms are a bit worthless, to be honest. Corporations aren't fixated on 'generations', they're looking at the entire picture.

If we had to break it down like that, though, then I think they all did well, which is amazing.

Microsoft jumped their level of market share by a huge margin. They have to be extremely pleased with that. They took some blows to brand image, yes, but they pretty much shrugged that off. They left the gen in much better shape than they started.

Sony has to be happy with how well they recovered. The early gen was a nightmare. The PS3 started off slowly, the Wii went viral, and Microsoft had a year's head-start. Let's be clear, Microsoft's money (and Halo) made it a foregone conclusion that the PS3 would not have the PS2's market share. Sony did not "lose" that to Microsoft; Microsoft took it. Sony left the generation with all the momentum, though, which I think has translated well for the brand.

The Wii made lots and lots of money. It didn't finish well and I think that hurt the Wii U, but judged only by its upside, the Wii was a monster.

CDiablo said:
Its clear that Sony lost a massive amount of marketshare last gen(over the previous gen), so I consider them losers, though they sold very well.

After seeing how everything played out and how the industry has grown as much as it did, losing a lot of marketshare seems like it would have been a given.

Between PS2, GC and XBox we had ~200M sold. Now when all is said and done we might see over 300M for Wii, PS3 and 360.

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