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Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment, is using a highly accurate and versatile destruction system called Digital Molecular Matter (DMM), developed by Pixelux Entertainment. The company has now announced its partnership with Remedy.

According to Pixelux Entertainment, Digital Molecular Matter is a “system designed for high quality in-game destruction”. The firm explains that the system is able to produce “deformation-based fracture destruction that simulates the physical properties of any material using finite element analysis.”

“If a structure exists – big or small, dense or thin, floppy or rigid – DMM causes it to react in the same way as dictated by reality. For example, wood doesn’t simply break along a predetermined seam every time – rather, it bends and splinters into pieces from the point of impact. The same rules apply to any substance imaginable: rubber bends and snaps back into place. Glass shatters. Steel dents and bends. Plastic deforms,” it added.

The firm also notes that the system has been used “in over 20 feature films, commercials and even TV series,” which is interesting considering Remedy will be developing a TV series that’s releasing along with the game.

“DMM has played a key role in shaping Quantum Break, our vision of next-gen entertainment. We have been able to simulate complex scenarios on a scale that hasn’t been possible before and then allow players experience them in real time. Can’t wait to show the world more of what we’re able to do!,” said Mikko Uromo, tech team lead at Remedy Entertainment.

This follows this morning’s announcement that Remedy Entertainment will be using a 9-camera facial capture technique. Information is sparse on the shooter’s gameplay aspects, however we now know that you’ll be playing as both the villain and the hero in key points in the game.

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This sounds incredibly exciting, I cant wait to see more from this game. Hopefully vgx will have a lengthy gameplay trailer to showcase this new tech, its gonna be a game changer I think.


This game is starting to look very promising.

Sounds exiting. I hope stuff like this will become standard in many new games,

vgx cant come soon enough this titanfall and mabye a new game?

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you'd think the true gamers here would like this news.

Sounds promising, cant wait to see it in action.

I'm not really here!

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Remedy is one of those top developers.
Microsoft should buy them quick.

Sounds promising!

Azerth said:
vgx cant come soon enough this titanfall and mabye a new game?

What's happening at the VGX?

Nsanity said:
Azerth said:
vgx cant come soon enough this titanfall and mabye a new game?

What's happening at the VGX?

I believe he thinks we might get at trailer at the VGX.


I'll be keeping my eyes on this one.