What JRPG has the best story?

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Xenogears is the best one. Chrono Cross i would rate second, FFT i would rate third and FF7 i would rate fourth. Kingdom hearts gets a special mention cause its a whole series and not a single game.

Convoluted is usually synonim of a great storyline. People call it convoluted cause they cant really grasp it. It takes more effort than a dudebro storyline to understand.

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Valkyria Chronicles, and the FF7 saga.


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Lost odyssey or Tales of symphonia. Maybe even xenogears though it didn't get to finish completely episode 3 was still a good ending imo.

Final Fantasy X's story is the most interesting from start to end, in a period of my life where I don't have so much time to play RPGs, its story keeps me compelled to play.

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Super Mario RPG.

No seriously... it took Square to give us the first Mario game where Bowser isn't the main bad guy and the story doesn't revolve around rescuing Princess Toadstool for the millionth time.

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LOST ODYSSEY, a pure masterpiece from beginning to end.

I can't disagree with you. There are lot of games that crossed my mind when I read the thread title, but Lost Odyssey certainly stands out. They really did an excellent job with the characters. The thosand years dreams were exceptionally well written. Also, it was great to play a RPG that wasn't a "kids save the world" story.

My five most favorites in no particular order


-Chrono Trigger
-Final Fantasy IX
-Super Mario RPG
-Final Fantasy VI
-Final Fantasy Tactics


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Ahh yes ff10 as well.

Persona 4 though I will admit that it's more the incredible and down to earth characterization of the characters that I love than the plot, though that is well done, too.