Persona 5 announced for PS3, releases Winter 2014

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Yep the PS3 still lives.

It'll be a while but hot damn, can't wait.

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No surprise whatsoever!

What I said in the other thread: "That's too damn long, but yay!"

You are slave =p?

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the_dengle said:
Surprised it's not on 360 as well.

Me too.  Both this and Persona 4 Arena 2.

After hearing for months how Atlus had been test-running their engine on PS360 with Catherine, seems strange that this is now exclusive.

well they just saved a complete Atlus/Sega boycott from everyone
Very happy with the end result of the teaser, even if the rest of it felt like they were just there to troll us.


PS3 sales catching up to Wii... confirmed ;)

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

PS3 is RPG heaven. Is why it's my main console anyways! PS4 will continue this fine tradition :)

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