Persona 5 announced for PS3, releases Winter 2014

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Announced at the stream. PS3.  Winter 2014.

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Sorry all you next gen guys but ps3 just killed you all INFINITY!!! Hahahaha

Edit: Atlus lets make a deal, I will buy P5 for both the PS3 and PS4 if you release on both.... fair no???

No meltdowns... Goddamn it, I wanted it on Xone or Wii U :P

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God the amount of troll that came from the stream announcement. So much nerd rage on steam + neogaf xD My heart nearly gave out lol.

Teaser appears to be up - nothing to see really, just basically announcing platform and release window.

HOLY SHIIEEETT!! Nice trailer lol

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Looks like you won your bet. EASY

Anyways.... PERSONA 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Persona 5. Wish it would have been for vita but this will make do :)

Surprised it's not on 360 as well.

It was always meant for PS3!

Winter 2014 means DEC 2014 ?!
HYPE HYPE !! This seems more gory than P3 !