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Did not see anyone post this yet. Also yay for my first thread.

"Southwest Airlines andNintendo are collaborating to produce some additional joy to holidaymakers throughout this busy holiday season. Commencing Nov. 25, Nintendo’s Wii U Gaming Lounges will be situated in six busy Southwest Airlines airports, including Dallas Love Field, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago (Midway), St. Louis and Tampa, through the December holiday season. The goal in all this is to give tourists the opportunity to try out the latest and most popular Nintendo games in HD on the Wii U as they pass the time before their flights, including the biggest console video game of the month, Super Mario 3D World."

I think it is a rather smart move on Nintendos part. 

edit: Some pictures form Nintendos Facebook. Good to see Nintendo being more aggressive with their advertising.

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wow thats pretty awesome.

Now THAT is a good idea. Also congrats on your first thread. I personally just busted my thread cherry recently too.

This is a good idea. I'd love it if airlines had video games in their lounges.

Anyone out there?

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AgentZorn said:
Anyone out there?

The forums have been kind of barren lately. I guess Nintendo fans are playing Zelda and 3D World, Sony fans are playing with the PS4 and MS fans with the Xbox One.

OT: This is an awesome idea, hope it pays off for Nintendo. 

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That's pretty awesome. I've been stuck in airports for 4-6 hours on several occasions and being able to play some console games would have made it a lot less boring.

Nice idea!

But damn Southwest airlines' airplanes/service suck, just sayin ;(

Edit: Or was it Northwest Airlines, bleh, I hate airplanes T.T.

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Guess this partnership now includes 30 days of free Nintendo shit being given out to Southwest passengers.

Starting today with 100 free Wii Us.

That's some good advertising.