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First I want to say that I think DF's work is commendable.

Ok so I want to talk about DF, LoT and all these supposed competent comparison articles that some would rule as the definitive truth. I understand that if you have multiple consoles and want to know which game has the best performance these comparisons will help you make a better choice especially since most of these games are the same price.

My only gripe is when fanboys, yes I said fanboys, ban me if you want I will still use the term and I will add "enthusiasts", trolls, bots, cheerleaders and whatever name you call them, these people use these "informations" to constantly downplay games or consoles and try to convince others that their console of choice is the best choice and keep hating on others choices or tastes.

It started with PS3 vs 360 which was already bad and now it's full force on the new gen. It's like dynamite where it all started with good intentions but ended up in hands of people with bad intentions. Should we embrace this nonsense and counter with more silly comparisons or "truths"? Is this what gaming is all about on forums now? Is this the only interresting thing to find on VGC community?  These forums are starting to be more and more about the same boring people cursing each others with comparison and "truths" threads from DF and the likes.

Can't we do something about this?

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Yes. We can call Digital Foundry or Lens of Truth biased toward a certain console if its games start to get progressively better than the competition. That gives even more fuel to the war.

I don't mean to bash on the websites but more on what people do with these informations. Some act like games are unplayable or you get screwed by paying for one version over another.