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Since both PS4 and Xbox One launch there have been more hate than laugh going on the threads here. So to remind the members of the good time, I decide to have a top 3 having fun game. Meaning laughing, going crazy, having fun, "cursing" ....

On your top 3, I will give 5pts to your first choice, 3pts to the second choice and 1pt to the third choice.

I will update the scores regulary. So I will start first:

My top 3 "having fun" game or series are:

1)Mario Kart series. Had tears in my eyes many times for laughing too much

2) Call of Duty series. best mix of frustation and satisfaction

3)Final Fantasy series. Grinding a lot and overpower Boss on second walkthrough always make me feel "unstoppable"

Current ranking and votes total:

Edit: 6 Votes and not one game made the list twice


1) Mario Kart series,Monkey Island series, NBA JAM, Super Smash Bros (local only), Soul's series, Ratchet and Clank: 5pts

2) Call of Duty series, The Legend of Zelda series, Call of Doge, Tekken series, DooM , WWE : 3pts

3) Final Fantasy series, Civilization series, Burnout (paradise online xD), Metal Gear Solid Series, Trials games, Persona 4 Golden: 1pts

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1) Monkey Island series: 5pts

2) The Legend of Zelda series: 3pts

3) Civilization series: 1pts

1) Super Smash Bros (local only) 505 pts

2) Call of Doge

3) Burnout (paradise online xD)

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1. Soul's series (Demon's Souls and Dark Souls)

2. Tekken series (Long time fan)

3.Metal Gear Solid Series


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Based purely on fun factor alone:

1 NBA JAM games

2 DooM games

3 Trials games

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1. Ratchet and Clank
2. the WWE games
3. Persona 4 Golden