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What is your favorite Nintendo home console?

NES 11 6.59%
SNES 59 35.33%
N64 32 19.16%
Nintendo GameCube 34 20.36%
Nintendo Wii 22 13.17%
Nintendo Xbox 9 5.39%

So I've been looking back at my history with Nintendo and all the consoles i've played from them, and i kept asking myself which one do i prefer the most and why (excluding WiiU since it's too early to tell), i've arranged the consoles from most to least liked:


2.Wii (with BC)





1b.i've come to the realization that the SNES is everything i wanted in a Nintendo Console, Which was amazing first party titles as well as great third party support, i just loved playing Super Metroid, F-Zero, Super Mario Kart, Final Fantasy VI and countless of others.

2b.what i loved about Wii was not only that it had a lot of great games like Metroid Prime 3 (or the Trilogy), Xenoblade, Mario Galaxy (one of my favorite games of all time), but also since it brought back the fun i had when i played videogames as a kid, and it really brought my entire family together, and countless of other reasons.

3b.i believe GC has to be the most underrated console ever, it had a lot of gems i simply loved and still love today, from Super Smash Bros Melee to Baten Kaitos, from Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snake to Geist, and much more.

4b.the N64 had a lot of games that simply my childhood, from GoldenEye to Super Mario 64, from Perfect Dark to Ocarina of Time, and much more.

5b.i didn't have the chance to exprience the NES at it's peak but i enjoyed a lot of games from it's lineup, especially Super Mario Bros. 3.


how would you rate Nintendo's consoles?

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Easily the N64, Rare and Nintendo at their very best.
SNES and NES were before my time so Ive never truly enjoyed them.
Never owned a GCN because as many awesome looking games as it had the PS2 was far superior.
As much as I loved my Wii it was very much a social console. Very few games that I enjoyed on my own (Also N64 Mario and Zelda>>> Wii Mario and Zelda)

GameCube! because Pikmin was born from it. xD

N64, without a doubt. It had some amazing games, rumble pack was really cool and the controller was their best one ever (in my crazy opinion).
NES takes the second spot and the SNES the third.

End of 2016 hardware sales:

Wii U: 15 million. PS4: 54 million. One: 30 million. 3DS: 64.8 million. PSVita: 15.2 million.

2. N64 (I personally enjoyed N64 the most, but objectively SNES has a much wider library of games)
3. Wii
4. Nintendo GameCube

I didn't have a NES as a kid, so I can't judge it fairly, and Wii U is too early to judge.

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1. Gamecube (brilliant)
3. Wii
4. NES
5. Wii U
6. N64 (abysmal)

Is this a joke? SNES by a long shot. Still holds the majority of top 10 games ever made.

Even though I was late to the party the first two Nintendo generations (because of being poor), and didn't get my NES until 1990, I was still obsessed, and the NES will always, in my eyes, be THE greatest game console of all time.

I mean you really just can't top it, unless you're going for better tech/graphics/sound. But as far as the games go, with the exception of rpgs (SNES wins in that regard), it's hard to beat NES. So many great games/franchises:

Mega Man
Adventure Island
Dragon Warrior/Quest
Final Fantasy
Double Dragon
Punch Out
Ninja Gaiden
Star Tropics
Great puzzle games like Tetris, Dr. Mario and Yoshi
Great arcade ports like DK, Galaga, Breakthru, 1942, R-Type, Bump n Jump, Burger Time, Rampage, etc.
Great licensed games like Duck Tales, Monster in my Pocket, Chip n Dale, Bucky O'Hare, etc.
And a lot of great, weird games like Totally Rad, Kickmaster, Monster Party, Clash at Demonhead, River City Ransom, etc.

SNES was an amazing console, and a very close second in my eyes. But NES will always be king.

1. NES

Played SNES a bit but I didn't own it so I don't feel like I could rate it accurately.

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