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UK Nintendo fans can pick up a fantastic deal this month on the Wii U. Nintendo will be selling a ‘Mario Mega Bundle’ for £299.99. The bundle games with a premium 32GB Wii U, New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U, Super Mario 3D World, a red Mario themed Wii Remote Plus, and Mario Hat. My reaction: Hot buttered Popcorn, THAT’s A DEAL! Grab yours here! .


This by far is the best value in gaming this holiday season. You basically get three free games, a free hat, and Wii Motion Plus. Thanks Gryphonofmight for the tip!

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That's an amazing deal! Hopefully this bundle will kickstart the Wii U in the UK, although I'm doubtfull.

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Hey Tbone do you usually go to player essence
I haven't seen you comment there before

bet with ash3336 he wins if Super Mario 3D World sells less than Mario Sunshine during the first three years, I win if 3D World outsells Sunshine's first 3 years. Loser get sig controlled for 3 months (punishment might change)

Do you doubt the WiiU? Do you believe that it won't match the GC?

Then come and accept this bet

Nintendo eShop USA sales ranking 2/12/2013 :

If this doesn't help sell the console then nothing will xD.

Bring to US please.

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Thats a great bundle for 2013, the Year of Luigi.

You can get the Wii U/ NSMBU NSLU bundle at Game for 250 -

You can get Super Mario 3D World for 43 -

Essentially, youre paying the extra 7 for a Mario hat and Mario branded Wii Remote Plus. You dont get three free games at all.

It seems to me that if Nintendo encounter a problem, the first instinct is to "Throw Mario at it".

that's a great deal!

I don't know why Nintendo never leverages Virtual Console games in these bundles. Throwing in, say, Super Mario Bros. 2 preinstalled costs them literally nothing, and adds value. This bundle has a lot in in it already, just throwing that out there, though.

Good deal, although Luigi hardly counts as a separate game.

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pezus said:

Good deal, although Luigi hardly counts as a separate game.

this is where your very very wrong my friend, it might be DLC but its is own game.