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If its true then they might be the first "victim" of next gen gaming. Damn. I didnt liked DMC. But its sad news. I am wishing them best of luck.


Current AAA business model is really broken. Gaming industry needs to crash for the sake of its future well being.


Ninja Theory to quit console development and shift to mobile, report claims

Heavenly Sword and DmC developer says the console business model is 'broken'

Posted on Thursday 21st Nov 2013 at 12:44 PM UTC   By Chris Scullion, Games Editor for CVG UK

Ninja Theory will cease work on console games and work entirely for mobile, according to a report quoting one of the Cambridge studio's co-founders.

Ninja Theory's design lead, Tameem Antoniades, was paraphrased by Edge as saying that the studio "is heading entirely for mobile".

Antoniades made the announcement last Wednesday at the Nokia-sponsored Slush conference in Helsinki.

"The AAA games console model is a little bit broken," he said.

"To us, success is being able to survive. But every now and then you look around at a conference and realise that there's no-one left. That's because of the barriers to entry at the $60 model. The platform holders control the platform and the distribution, the publishers control the marketing and the funding."

Continuing to justify the decision to move to mobile gaming, he added: "Who here thought, five years ago, that tablets would replace PCs? We always hear from developers that mobile has bad inputs, that it's low-powered, that the battery life isn't up to scratch. It's a mixture of misinformation and problems that will eventually be solved.

"Mobiles and tablets are already approaching current gen games. It's the most intuitive interface. We're already seeing high-end displays on tablets. As Bruce Lee said; it's not how you fight the tide, it's how you flow with it."

It is not clear whether Ninja Theory is still working on any console games projects. Studios that transition from console games development to mobile typically make noticable adjustments to their workforce, though it is unclear whether Ninja Theory has made any redundancies.

Antoniades also gave his views on the current state of consoles, saying: "So you heard the Xbox One announcement? TV, TV, TV. That couldn't be further from the truth, it's completely the wrong direction. It does seem like, despite the best intentions of Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, they've still got too much momentum to steer."

Ninja Theory's last console game was DmC Devil May Cry, which CVG's review said had "a dazzling world, great characters, interesting story, breezy humour and robust combat mechanics".

In July 2013 the studio released its first iOS title, action fighting game Fightback.

Additional reporting: Rob Crossley




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they just don't like that 1080p limit

they want mooaaaaaarrr


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Disappointing to hear.

We need developers like this, instead of continuous Call of Duty's, Final Fantasy 13, Resident Evil. Well best of luck to them.

Hopefully they find the success in tablets and mobiles that they didn't find in the home console market.

We might able to get quick on the go games in Mobile but not AAA experiences. Its not the AAA model broken and its about review system is really broken because of that people not buying games with bad reviews so eventually developers get loss. Everybody should try to buy the game based on the needs or trying trails/demo provided(So developers should give demo/trails) for their game.

GAMING is not about spending hours to pass/waste our time just for fun,

its a Feeling/Experience about a VIRTUAL WORLD we can never be in real, and realizing some of our dreams (also creating new ones).

So, Feel Emotions, Experience Adventure/Action, Challenge Game, Solve puzzles and Have fun.

PlayStation is about all-round "New experiences" using new IP's to provide great diversity for everyone.

Xbox is always about Online and Shooting.

Nintendo is always about Fun games and milking IP's.

They'll be dead in the next 12 months.

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Call of Duty is great. Ninja Theory games are shit. I bought Heavenly Sword when it came out - wasted $80 :/

I thought they did an amazing job on Heavenly Sword!

Hope you guys are happy. Everything Ninja Theory made was great and yet nobody wanted to give them a shot. They were one of the few companies trying to keep things fresh and unique.  Nintendo should buy them.  They make beautiful games and they have a track record of quality, if not sales. 

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Bummer, I would pay good money to have a new-gen sequel to Enslaved. I enjoyed all of the games they made last gen


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Why don't they simply make AAA-indie games for consoles? Make them digital, instead of abandoning the console market all together. Just shift focus a bit. Being a indie dev grants you freedom AND you can even set your own prices on Steam and the eShop. THAT'S where you need to go.

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