Demos are out. Are you impressed with X1 voice commands responsiveness?

Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Demos are out. Are you impressed with X1 voice commands responsiveness?

After watching IGn video, I think it's shit. What about you?



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Looks like pretty much everything else voice related I've tried. It never works completely as it should.

To add insult to injury, this isn't even possible outside of English speaking countries and likely never will be in the smaller countries. Google has Icelandic support, though :O

It's nearly very good, but completely broken for many things

I'm sure it will be useful for starting digital games and going to Netflix or stuff, but it just isn't reliable enough for many of these things

Looks like it worked pretty well up until the Internet Explorer part. Maybe 'Browse To' command he kept trying to use isn't an actual command?

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its basicly like how the wii mote was at the start you needed to know its quirks to gain control

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This is why they shouldnt have forced this crap on you, considering how much microsoft has focused on the kinect features and how it "enhances" their platform, its complete bs that it still doesnt work as intended. And how misleading are all of those demos conducted by microsoft execs looking now? I honestly had no idea it was going to be that spotty, im pretty pissed off right now because I was actually looking forward to something different. I'm sure updates in the future may improve usability, but the fact that the main draw of the kinect doesnt work properly is such a slap in the face.


Judging from the Ign video, works fine but it can be better as not always respond as the first try.

my comments was based on the other video that i saw, this video make it looks worse.


Works great in this video

And in this onehttp://vimeo.com/79823117