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InFamous has been the most hyped Sony game for many people so I want to hear everybody's opinions on it :)  Just let me know in the comments below what you think about it.  Will it be the best one in the franchise?  

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It should be. I am a huge fan of the previous 2 and this one looks like everything I want as a fan.

If it's more like festival of blood and less like infamous 2, then yes, by a mile. FOB had dungeons you could explore and the enemies were more fun to fight. Infamous 2 was too structured and at the end it became too predictable, this a general complaint I have with sucker punch, I had the same problem with the original sly cooper games.

I hope so and i think its very likely. Im also anticipating an epic twist like previous infamous games


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If it follows the Infamous 2 route and not the terribly over-hyped Infamous 1 route, yes.

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I doubt it but being better than inFamous 2 shouldn't be too difficult.

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Well despite IF2 being better in every singly way, it ended up scoring the same as the first.

New gen, not enough new features so I don't see much of an improvement outside of more varied stealth / smoke mechanics so it could end up scoring the same.

I think it will! Delsin allows Sucker Punch to make a game with more freedom

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tough to beat original. looks great tho

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i hope so!

..the best part of either entry was the later parts of the game where cole had a real quick sense of mobility about him (ice jump ftw!!). based on what i've seen they've only showed trailers where delsin has a high degree of mobility which is a good sign. i just hope i don't have to wait until 3/4 through the game to get to that.

yes, add powers as you go. ...but add the mobility powers early and the special attacks later. give it a story more like infamous 1 than infamous 2. success!!


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